Advanced Algorithms Lab 1

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CPS688 – Advanced Algorithms
Lab 1
Lab Instructions:
Use the Java language to implement a Graph using an adjacency list.
Provide implementations of the methods below:
• Add an edge between two vertices a and b. [ addEdge(a,b) ]
• Compute the degree of a vertex a. [ degreeVertex(a) ] //returns the number of
neighbors for a given vertex a.
• Print the adjacent vertices of a vertex a. [ printAdjVertices(a) ]
Given an undirected graph, you are required to create its corresponding adjacency list using the
Graph implementation above and print its vertices using Breadth First Search [ BFS ] and Depth
First Search [ DFS ].
Each test case consists of two integers n and e, representing the number of vertices and edges
respectively. The next e lines represent the vertices that are connected by an edge.
For each test case, print the graph using both BFS and DFS.
Sample Input Sample Output (BFS) Sample Output (DFS)
6 6
0 1
0 3
1 2
2 4
3 4
3 5
0 1 3 2 4 5 …


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