Assignment 03 METU CENG310




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Assignment 03
Data Structures and Algorithms with Python

1 Spell Checker
In this assignment, you are expected to implement a spell checker class (SpellChecker) which is described as
The spell checking operation is basically a look up operation of a typed word in a dictionary where correct
words are stored. If the typed word is not found in the dictionary, then a trial set for the typed word is created
and for each trial string, a check is made from the dictionary. Hopefully, a subset of these checks will result in
a hit in the dictionary and returned as a recommended word to the user.
To put it more formally, let the word typed by the user be w, and the correct version of that word be v. Let the
trial set for w be S
w, and the dictionary is D. The spell checking operations should be performed as follows:
1. In the dictionary D, if the item D[w] exists, then this means w = v and spelling is correct.
2. Otherwise, a set of derived strings with the adoption of w is created (S
w). For each of the string s in S
if D[s] exists, then s will be reported as a recommendation.
Editing is a crucial functionality supported by almost all operating systems and office applications. Such editing
applications are expected to be very responsive, due to that reason, the spell checking operation should be
performed efficiently. As a result, we will be using a hash table for the dictionary so that checking each of the
items in the trial set can be finished in O(|S
w|). In this hash table, we will be using the words as the keys, and
a negligible value (such as None or object()) as the value in the dictionary as we will not be using them.
1.1 The Dictionary
As the basis for the spell checking functionality, we will use the most common 10.000 words of English
( In order to make life easier, we will remove
the words that are 5 characters or less long from the dictionary, which will leave the dictionary with 6399
words. For the dictionary, the classes ChainHashMap or ProbeHashMap, whose implementations are provided
in the textbook, can be used. After creating an instance of the dictionary (a hash table instance), all the words
having six characters or more from the aforementioned link will be inserted to make the dictionary ready for
spell checking.
1.2 The Trial Set
In case of w = v evaluating to false, we will need to create a trial set S
w in hopes of finding some recommendations as a replacement for w. In order to derive new strings to try against the dictionary, your imagination
may lead to infinitely many interesting approaches but for the sake of simplicity, we recommend you to use
the following two approaches:
1. Insert a single character in between two adjacent characters of w. This operation must yield 26(|w| − 1)
derived strings.
2. Drop a single character from w. This operation should result in |w| derived strings.
For example let w be the word inerest, then some of the items in set S
w would be ianerest, ifnerest,
incerest, interest, nerest, ierest, etc.
1.3 The SpellCkecker Class
The SpellChecker class will have a public method called check which will take a file name string as its sole
parameter and create an output file with a list of spell checking recommendations. At each line of the output
file, there has to be one of the input word followed by one of the following:
1. The word ’OK’ in case of an exact match (please safely assume that all the input words will all be lower
case), or
2. At most two recommended words in case of no matches, or
3. The phrase ’No Recommendation’ when there is no recommendation for the input word.
An example input file content:
1 murphys online murphy
2 prduct sstem
3 policy numbre please
4 navailable
5 copyright
6 yyyyyy
An example output file content:
1 murphys –> murphy
2 online –> OK
3 murphy –> OK
4 prduct –> product
5 sstem –> system , stem
6 policy –> OK
7 numbre –> number
8 please –> OK
9 navailable –> available , unavailable
10 copyright –> OK
11 yyyyyy –> No Recommendation
2 Delivery Instructions
Please hand in your module as a single file named as over ODTUClass by 11:59pm on due
date. An Assignment-03 page will be generated soon after the start date of this assignment. Should you have
any questions pertaining to this assignment, please ask them in advance (rather than on the due date) for your
own convenience. Whatever IDE you use, you have to make sure that your module could be run on a Python
1 sc = SpellChecker ()
2 sc . check (’ Assignment3Input .txt ’)