Assignment 04 “expert system”

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COMP 1405 A/B/C − “Introduction to Computer Science I”
Specification for Assignment 04
The term “expert system” can refer to a computer program that is capable of decision making and can
be used for diagnostics and classification. Furthermore, since the underlying knowledge used by the
system is typically provided by a human expert, a rudimentary expert system is a relatively simple
project. For this assignment, you will practice with branching control structures by creating your own
expert system that uses user input to “guess” film titles.
As a clarifying example, the partial transcript such an expert system might follow for the subgenre of
“Animated Christmas Special” could be as follows (with user input in red):
Was the film based on a story by Dr. Seuss? no
Does the film use stop-motion animation? yes
“Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer (1964)” is the film title.
In order to complete this task, you will need to:
• choose two movie “subgenres” from
• choose at least ten movies for each of your two subgenres (i.e., at least twenty movies total)
• devise a set of “yes-or-no” questions to identify movies (without directly referencing titles)2
• create a flowchart of what questions you intend to ask and in what order3
Your submission for this assignment:
• must be a source code file with filename ‘’
• must first ask the user if they require instructions (and provide some if the answer is “yes”)
• must then ask the user which of the two subgenre expert systems they would like to consult
• must then ask the user “yes-or-no” questions (without asking questions unneccessarily)
• must include (as comments) a list of distinguishing elements for each of your selected movies4
• can assume that the user will always enter valid input when prompted
1 To clarify, you must select subgenres (e.g., “spaghetti western”, “alien invasion”, etc.), not main genres (e.g., “action”).
2 To clarify, the question “Are you thinking of the 2000 film ‘How the Grinch Stole Christmas’?” is NOT acceptable.
If you consult an instructor/teaching assistant you must present a flowchart before receiving assistance with implementation.
4 These comments simplify the marking process (e.g., # “The Grinch” – animated, CGI, starring Benedict Cumberbatch, etc.)


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