Assignment 1: Bookstore Web Page

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Web Application Development (COMP5347)
Assignment 1: Bookstore Web Page
In this assignment, you will demonstrate that you have the basic understanding of the core
client-side technologies (HTML, CSSand JavaScript) and are able to create aHTML pages with
desirable style and certain interactive features. You will be given a small start file set, which
contains a complete CSS file and a skeleton HTML file. Your task is to produce an online
bookstore Web page that implements the below requirements without using any third-party CSS
frameworks or JavaScript libraries.
Main Requirements
The following functionalities must be implemented in your Web page:
• The main page should display the main information of each book including a
thumbnail picture, title, author, year, price, publisher and category. (See Figure 1 as
an example).
• End users can search books with their titles. The rows that match the search term will
be highlighted with a colored background. (see Figure 2 as an example)
• End users should be able to filter books through their categories. The list of category
works like a dropdown and should cover an extra category that is currently not in the
bookstore for boundary test use. Meanwhile, end users should always have the option
to return to the default status (display all books no matter which category they
belong to).(see Figure 3 as an example)
• The functions of the search and filter should be able to work together and combine
the result of each other. (See Figure 4 as an example).
COMP5347 Assignment 1
Page | 2
Figure 1. Main page requirements
COMP5347 Assignment 1
Page | 3
Figure 2. Highlight the searched row
Figure 3. Filter the books
Figure 4. Combined result of search and filter functions
• End users should be able to select books and add them to the “Shopping Cart” through
the checkbox ahead of them with the button “Add to cart”.
• End users can clear the shopping cart through the “Reset the Cart” button. Users
COMP5347 Assignment 1
Page | 4
should be prompted with a message box to confirm their desired action (“Reset the
cart” or “Cancel”).
• The “Shopping Cart” should always show the correct number of books in the cart
based on the end user actions (see Figure 5 as an example).
Figure 5. Add to cart and reset the cart requirement
Design and Implementation Requirements
The online book store data and required thumb images are prepared in the zip file. The layout
does not have to be the same as the example in Figure 1. For instance, you may modify the
given CSS file to have slightly different color scheme, border and text styles.
You should consider the behavior of boundary cases and design suitable UI changes to notify
the end users (e.g. an alarm). Sample boundary cases include, but are not restricted to the
• Search term does not appear in any title
• Users select thecategory that doesnot containanybooks
Each function mentioned above should work on the output of other functions.
Make sure that your HTML, CSS rules and JavaScript code are kept in separate files. Inline style
or JavaScript code is not accepted.
Make sure that your HTML and CSS files are “clean” enough. They should not contain any
unnecessary automatically generated content such as scattered <span> element with pieces of
Use of jQuery or other JavaScript library is not allowed in this assignment.
Use of Bootstrap or other CSS framework is not allowed either.
Mark Distribution
• Static features ( 4 marks)
– 2 marks for having all HTML elements and structure as per the main requirements
– 2 marks for applying similar CSS styles as per the main requirements
• Interactive features (6 marks)
– 1 mark each for normal search function
– 1 mark for normal filter function
– 1.5 mark for combining the search and filter functions
COMP5347 Assignment 1
Page | 5
– 1.5 marks for the cart functionality
– 1markforboundary cases
Deliverable and Submission Guideline
• Source code submission
Submit a zip file containing the HTML, CSS and JavaScript files on Canvas site, by 11:59
pm 9th April, 2018. Please do not include the image files in the submission.
Submit a hard copy assignment cover sheet with your signature to your tutor in Week
5 demo. You can download the cover sheet from:
The zip file should include your First and Last name and unikey in the file name. For
example, if your is John Smith and UniKey is abcd1234, you would label your zip file as
Important Note: A software system will be used to detect software code similarity and
allegations will be reported to the University’s central unit.
• System Demo
Eachstudentwilldemototheir tutor inweek5labwiththesubmittedversion.


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