Assignment #1 Getting used to using Linux




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Mini Assignment #1 COMP 206

Getting used to using Linux

Lab A and lab B will provide some background help for this mini assignment.
Question: Software Engineering and the command-line
Software developers use the command line to support good software engineering
practices. For this mini assignment we will explore a standard way that software
developers organize their home directory when writing software.
For this question, you will need to make a screen shot or use your phone to take a picture
of your computer screen. This photo/screen-shot needs to prove that you answered the
following questions while logged into
You must use to create the solution to this assignment. You cannot use
your Mac command-line, Windows command-line, nor a Linux distro installed locally on
your laptop. You can ssh or putty from your laptop to mimi, or you can go to the
third floor of Trottier and use any of those labs, to complete this assignment.
You will submit a picture that answer these questions:
A. Create a SOCS account on and log into that account.
B. Change the command-line prompt to show your first and last name and a symbol.
For example: John Doe $ or Mary Jane #. You will need to change your prompt
by using either the SET PROMPT command or the SET PS1 command, or
EXPORT PS1 command (it depends on your shell). See lecture notes. This
change to your prompt will not be permanent. Once you logout it will revert back
to what it was before.
C. Assume you are a software developer who wants to create a space in their Home
directory to store a software project. In class we discussed this scenario. You
may want to look at your notes.
Create the following directory structure within your Home directory (each row is
a directory name and the indentation imply that it is a subdirectory – for example
COMP206 is a subdirectory of Projects, and ass1 is a subdirectory of COMP206.
Projects is in your Home directory.):

Leave all the directories empty except docs. Use vi to create a file named
readme.txt. In that file write the following information:
Name: <<your name
ID : <<your student ID
Major: <<your major at McGill
Format the text file as above.
D. Use the who and grep commands in a single lined expression that displays only
your login information, given the output of the who command. You will need to
pipe the complete output of the who command into the grep command.
Think of a way to write an ls command that, in one screen, will prove that you have
created all those directories, that your prompt has changed, and that you are logged into
Take a screen shot.
Then, using the cat command show the contents of your readme,txt file, followed by
the who / grep single line expression and the output it produced.
Take a second screen shot.

Everything must be submitted to My Courses before the due date. Remember that you
can hand in your assignment up to two days late but there will be a penalty of 5% each
day. After that, your assignment will not be accepted. Please hand in the following:
• A JPG or PNG file named A1a and A1b (both pictures) showing that you
completed all the requirements.
The assignment is worth a total of 20 points.
o 4 points for changing the prompt to show your first and last name and symbol. The
student is permitted to have other things present in the prompt in addition to their
name, if they want. It does not impact the grade. Displaying your username is not
o 6 points for the correct directory structure. The student needs to be able to show in a
single image that the solution was created within their account, on mimi, and all the
folders created in the requested arrangement. This question also tests their ability to
log into mimi and use the server, therefore a solution using the command line from
their laptop is not acceptable. They can however, use ssh from their laptop to access
mimi remotely.
o 4 points for readme.txt
o 4 points for the who grep pipe expression
o 2 points for following the assignment specifications as stated
The following rules are followed by the TA when grading assignments:
• A program must run in order to get a grade (even if it does not run well). If it
does not run (does not compile) it will receive a zero. (Make sure to run your
programs from
• The TA will grade using the server.
• All questions are graded proportionally. This means that if 40% of the question is
correct, you will receive 40% of the grade.