Assignment 1. Implement linearSearch(a,key)

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Programming assignment 1.
Implement linearSearch(a,key) and binarySearch(a,key) functions.
Part A. In this part we will calculate the average-case running time of each function.
1. Request the user to enter a positive integer, and call it n. (n = 105
2. Generate n random integers between -1000 to 1000 and save them in array a.
3. Sort a (you can use any sorting algorithm you want.)
4. Pick a random number in a and save it in variable called key.
5. Call each function separately to search for the key in the given array.
6. To calculate the average-running time, you need to have a timer to save the total runtime when
repeating step 4 and 5 for 100 times.
(Note1: Do not forget to divide the runtime by the number of the times you run step 4-5)
(Note2: Remember to choose a different random number each time you go back to step 4.)
Part B. In this part we will calculate the worst-case running time of each function.
1. Repeat steps 1 to 3 in part A.
2. Now to have the worst-case scenario, set the value of the key to 5000 to make sure it does not exist
in the array.
3. Run each function ONLY once to calculate the worst-case running time when n = 105
4. Calculate how much time your machine takes to run one single line using only your binary search
function. (Hint: look at HW4)
5. Now using the previous step, estimate the worst-case running time for each algorithm when
(Just a simple calculation in your code!).


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