Assignment 1: Situational Setup


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Assignment 1:
Situational Setup

Project 1: Establish a Corporation
It is the year 2024. You have a great idea for a product that you know will become a success. You
have decided to start this company. You will begin small with yourself as the only employee working
from your home. It MUST be a physical product that is manufactured and not just a service.
For this assignment, you are to give your company a name and you are to describe what the product
is. This cannot be a real or existing company (with the ONLY exception being if it is an actual
company that you started on your own prior to taking this course).
This product can be anything. It can be hand painted bow ties. The product can be scented candles
or even framed pictures of your customer superimposed next to their favorite movie star. The only
requirement is that the product requires some physical parts that will necessitate raw material coming
in and a finished product being delivered.
VERY IMPORTANT: It MUST be a product you can make or do on your own in your house. So this
excludes making a new electric automobile or sneakers or a new cell phone. It must realistically be a
product a person could actually produce. You will lose marks if the TA determines it is unrealistic that
the product you choose could be made by a single person working out of their home.
You MUST to do an internet search (Google or Ask or Yahoo, etc.) to ensure the company name
does not already exist. This is very important.
Throughout this course, your company will grow in size and sales. As your company grows, so will
your Information Systems.
Future assignments for CS 1032 will contain questions about your expanding needs based on
material we will be covering in class. These questions will include not only your decisions, but how
and/or why you made them.
You are to submit an MS Word document with the following:
1.) COMPANY NAME: _________________________________________________________
– you must ensure the company does not actually exist,
even if it is a company you never heard of before.
(example: do a quick search on the web. If you wanted to call your company ‘Working Bytes’
check to make sure a company by that name does not already exist.)
2.) COMPANY LOCATION: _____________________________________________________
– the physical location of the company (city and province/state and country).
must be a real location (on this planet).
3.) COMPANY FUNCTION/PRODUCT_____________________________________________
– what does the company make?
– think of what kind of company you would actually want to start.
It has to be a ‘manufacturing company’ that makes a product.
– the information must be detailed enough to provide a clear understanding of the functionality
and operations of the company.
Write this information inside an MS Word document.
Place your name, followed by the company name at the top.
Fill in the required information after.
At the end of the document, include your name, Student number and Western ID (the first part of your
Western email (i.e. istude123)
Formatting is not important as long as the document is easy to follow:
The document should look something as simple as the example on the following page:
Kenny Doitte
Mxyzptlk Inc.
1.) Mxyzptlk Inc.
2.) London, Ontario Canada
3.) This company makes and sells specialized wearable plastic pins created from photographs supplied by
the customer. The plastic pin is created using a MakerBot® 3-D Printer. The plastic pin is then painted
to match the photograph and then delivered to the customer through a carrier delivery service.
Document prepared by:
Kenny Doitte
Project 2: Install DIA and your Plain Text Editor and Verify installation.
Go to the Course Resource section of OWL
Go to the: Download and Install a Plain Text Editor to create a HTML Web Page and XML Files.
Select and install the Plain text Editor.
On page two (2) of the same document, below the Project One from above, enter the name of the
Plain Text Editor you have selected.
This part of the document should look something like:
Project 2:
DIA.exe (E-R Graphical Tool) Installed and running: Verified by Student.
Plain Text Editor Installed: <Name of Plain Text Editor> (i.e Brackets -or- NotePadd++)
Submission Instructions:
You must upload and submit, via the CS1032 OWL Web Site, the following one (1) file:
See the instructions on Submitting Assignments.
DO NOT submit or upload to the Dropbox Section of OWL.
youraccountname_companyname_A1.docx or youraccountname_companyname_A1.doc
(example: assume my UWO email is
So, my account name is: kdoit373 and my company is the Niblick company.
so, my file name that is to be used for submission is:
kdoit373 _Niblick_A1.docx
kdoit373 _Niblick_A1.doc
– (.doc –or- .docx Depends on which version of MS Office I am using)
It is the student’s responsibility to ensure the work was submitted and posted in OWL.
OWL replies with a summation verification email (every time).
Any assignment not submitted correctly will not be graded.
NOTE: This MUST be a MS Word document. You can NOT submit an Apple .pages file or any
other word processor file. Only an MS Word document will be graded. All other file types will
receive a zero (0) grade for this assignment.
It is the student’s responsibility to check that the correct work was uploaded to OWL.
If you do not get a grade for the assignment and it turns out when you look, there was nothing there
because you did not submit it correctly, then you will receive a zero (0) for the assignment.
For future assignments, if a student states they submitted the assignment, but for some reason it is
not on OWL, they will then be required to forward the original acknowledgement email from OWL
stating the assignment was submitted. If the student cannot provide this email, then it will be
assumed the student did not submit, or did not submit correctly, their assignment and it will be
considered as not submitted. They will receive a zero (0) for the assignment.

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