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CMPE 156/L
Programming Assignment 1
The purpose of this project is to develop the client side of a simple HTTP based download application similar to wget. The user of the application can
send requests with GET or HEAD methods to any public HTTP server and
retrieve the corresponding document or just response headers as appropriate.
• The client must accept as argument a valid IP for the server hosting the
document and the URL of the document. The URL would have the
the hostname (e.g., the port number (80), and the
document itself (e.g. index.html). As an optional parameter the user
can input -h after all other parameters to only get the response and not
the documents. Example:
Which would be equivalent to:
wget –header=”Host:”
The corresponding basic HTTP request (using C string notation for CR
and LF) would be:
GET /index.html HTTP/1.1\r\nHost:\r\n\r\n
Example with -h:
./myrequester index.html -h
Equivalent to:
wget –header=”Host:”
–server-response –spider
HEAD /index.html HTTP/1.1\r\nHost:\r\n\r\n
• The client must output the document to the file output.dat unless the
option -h is present, in which case there is no file output.
• If the client receives the option -h, it must output the complete server
response onto stdout exactly as received. If the option is not present,
then the client should output nothing on stdout.
• You are free to output whichever information/debug messages you want
on stderr.
• The client must be robust and not crash if there are network errors, or if
it received invalid parameters, it should instead close itself properly. An
explanation of the error delivered on stderr is optional. It can, however,
generate a partially completed (or even empty) output.dat file if it is
interrupted while downloading the contents.
• The memory use of the client should not depend on the size of the file
being downloaded, furthermore the client should be able to work with
documents of any size, as long as the computer has enough free space.
What to submit?
You must submit all files in a single compressed tar file (with tar.gz extension).
The files should include
1. A README file including your name, student ID, and a list of files in the
submission with a brief description.
2. Documentation of your design in plain text or pdf. Do not include any
Microsoft Word files. The documentation should describe how to use your
application and internal design, as well as any shortcomings it might have.
3. A Makefile that can be used to build the client program and the required
source. Source files should be in the src directory and the compiled
program should be in the bin directory.
4. Organize the files into directories (src, bin, doc, etc.)
Each submission will be tested to make sure it works properly and can deal with
errors. Grades are allocated using the following guidelines:
Basic Functionality: 50%
Dealing with Errors: 20%
Documentation: 20%
Style/Code structure, etc.: 10%
Note that 20% of the grade will be based on how well your code deals with
errors. Good practices include checking all system calls for errors and avoiding
unsafe situations such as a bu↵er overflow.
The files must be submitted before midnight on the due date above.
Useful references
• HTTP requests:
• HTTP responses:
• Some websites for testing


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