Assignment #10  ECE449, Intelligent Systems Engineering


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Assignment #10
ECE449, Intelligent Systems Engineering
Points: 10

submitted through eClass in PDF format !!!!!!!!!
(this can be a scan of handwritten assignment,
e.g. using CamScanner app on your phone)
Note: Best 9 out of 10 assignment marks will be
used to determine your overall assignment class;
i.e. submission of this assignment is optional
1. [5 points] Based on the pseudocode from slide 31 of slide set 19 “Swarm Intelligence”, develop a
flow chart of the ant colony optimization (ACO) algorithm for the travelling salesman problem.
2. [5 points] Using Internet search, find five different engineering applications of swarm intelligence
(ACO, PSO or other algorithms); provide references (link or article citation) and briefly describe each
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