Assignment 2.1- first-come first-served scheduling



COP4600 Programming Assignment 2.1
Learning Objective: To gain a fuller understanding of disk seek algorithms by implementing them.
Development: Implemented in GO to be run and tested on Eustis
Assignment: Implement the first-come first-served scheduling, shortest seek time first, SCAN, C-SCAN, LOOK, CLOOK algorithms. Calculate and output the total amount of movements for the input cylinder requests and
starting position. Review the examples below for details.
Input: Your program will read a file specified in the first command line parameter, ARGV[1], which will be
formatted as follows. Your program should ignore everything on a line after a # mark and ignore additional
spaces in input.
Use sstf # fcfs, sstf, scan, c-scan, look, or c-look
lowerCYL 00000 # valid lower cylinder number
upperCYL 00000 # valid upper cylinder number (> lower cylinder)
initCYL 00000 # initial cylinder position (0<initCYL<upperCYL)
cylreq 00000 # a single cylinder request
# where the lowerCYL < cylreq < upperCYL
cylreq 00000 # a single cylinder request
cylreq 00000 # a single cylinder request up to 20 requests
Note that there can be up to 20 cylinder requests. Each cylinder request must be bounded by the lower and
upper cylinder values. In the event they are not, generate an error message and process the next cylinder
request until reaching the end of the input file, signified by the end command.
Output: Generate the output formatted as shown below. (Send it to STDOUT.)
Given that the input file is (shown on the following page) the output file is shown below:
run diskScheduler.go
Seek algorithm: FCFS
Lower cylinder: 0
Upper cylinder: 4999
Init cylinder: 1000
Cylinder requests:
Cylinder 2069
Cylinder 1212
Cylinder 544
Cylinder 1618
Cylinder 3681
Servicing 2069
Servicing 1212
Servicing 544
Servicing 1618
Servicing 3681
FCFS traversal count = 5731
COP4600 Programming Assignment 2.1 Summer 2018
This output shown above is derived from the following input file,
Use fcfs
lowerCYL 0
UpperCYL 4999
initCYL 1000
cylreq 2069
cylreq 1212
cylreq 544
cylreq 1618
cylreq 3681
Make sure your submission is named diskScheduler.go and submit this source file to Webcourses.


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