Assignment #2 Design challenge

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CPSC 331— UI/UX Design
Individual Assignment #2
In this assignment, you will tackle a design challenge in which you will apply the concepts you are
learning in the course to the design and analysis of an artifact or user interface.
The specific learning objective for this assignment are as follows:
• To practice designing user interfaces and artifacts using the design concepts and principles you
are learning in this course
• To practice analyzing user interfaces and artifacts using the design concepts and principles you
are learning in this course.
• To practice discussing design by (a) providing justification for design choices and (b) providing
constructive criticism on a design, with an emphasis on how, specifically, the design could be
This assignment has two tasks:
1. Design Task. Create a series of design sketches of a destination control elevator, which Norman
discusses in Chapter 4. Please be familiar with the concept of a destination elevator as described by
Norman before performing the required tasks!
Your sketches should show two interfaces/displays:
• the interface/display located outside of the elevators in the hallway
• the interface/display located inside each of the elevator cars.
Your sketches should clearly illustrate how a user can use each interface/display to get to his/her
desired location. As appropriate, annotate the sketches with comments to convey how a user
would interact with them. In some cases, you may need to include “before” and “after” pictures to
illustrate the result of an interaction.
See the “Ten plus ten method” handout (excerpt from the Greenberg text) attached to the
assignment page.
2. Analysis Task. Using Norman’s concepts discussed in class (affordances, signifiers, mapping,
feedback, conceptual model, constraints, transfer effects, visibility), analyze your design. In a
separate paragraph for each concept, reflect on how your design succeeds (or does not succeed) at
applying the concept. In addition, as appropriate, consider design changes you could make in order
to better apply the concept. In your analysis statements, be sure to put each concept or principle
you use in bold type.
Your assignment will be scored on the following four-value scale AND based on the readability of your
design sketches (i.e., you will be docked points if your sketches are hard to decipher, too small, etc.):
Points Meaning Description
0 Missing Assignment not submitted, or submitted late
5 Incomplete Solution is incomplete or significantly deficient. Part of the solution is missing
or contains significant gaps.
8 Satisfactory Solution is complete but could be improved. Minor and obvious deficiencies
exist with respect to one or more parts of the solution
10 Exceptional Solution is complete and acceptable as is. No obvious deficiencies exist. The
student has demonstrated mastery of the material.
Note: You will be expected to discuss your submission during the class period the assignment is due.
Please be prepared to take an active part in the assignment discussions. Be prepared to present your
photographs along with your analyses of their design.
Handing in your Assignment
Tip: Import your sketches into a word processing program such as Microsoft Word, where you can add
annotations and write your justifications. Then publish the assignment as a .pdf file and submit it to
Canvas by the due date (go to the “Assignments” tab to submit it).


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