Assignment #2 JavaScript




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Assignment #2
In this assignment we get a chance to work with JavaScript. This assignment is due
Wednesday, July 19th at 2:30pm.
For this assignment, you are not allowed to use WYSIWYG editors (e.g., no Dreamweaver)
and should only use a text editor to compose your assignment. In addition, your files should
work on both the latest version of Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome.
You may use float, flexbox, or grid layout for the problems in this assignment.
Car Options
In this part of the assignment you will create a webpage which allows a user to configure a car
to see how much it costs. Here is a screenshot showing my version of the assignment:
As you can see, the car comes in four different configurations:
 GT Manual $17,790.00
 GT Automatic $18,590.00
 GT-S Manual $22,455.00
 GT-S Sportshift $23,155.00
The user chooses a basic configuration and then chooses a factory options package and adds
on any dealer options desired. Here are the factory options:
 Option Combo #1 $1235.00
– Power Windows, Doors, Cruise Control
 Option Combo #2 $3354.00
– Rear Spoiler and Fog Lamps
– Keyless Entry
– Power Tilt & Slide Moonroof
– Power Windows, Doors, Cruise Control
 No Combo $0
and here are the dealer options:
 CD Autochanger $550.00
 VIP Security System $399.00
 Auto-Dimming Mirror $295.00
When the user clicks on the “Calculate Total” button, you should determine the price of the
car, given their configuration and option choices.
In addition, as you can see on the right of the webpage I’ve given the user an option to choose
a color for their car. When they change the color in the list, the picture of the car should
automatically change. I’ve included five car photos for you to use with this assignment.
I’ve gussied up the webpage using stylesheets. Make sure you get the layout right—heading
across the top of the webpage and then two columns. Additional styling isn’t strictly
necessary, but is a nice opportunity for CSS practice. In addition, you may notice that I’ve
converted the total cost back to a price ($20,375.00 instead of simply 20375). You may want
to consider doing this using JavaScript strings.
For this part of the assignment, you will create a webpage that allows the user to search for a
book with a specific title and/or by a specific author. Then, you will display information about
the book on the web page. We are providing book data that you can use in a file called
books.txt. For each book, we provide the author’s name, the book’s title, and a short
description of the book.
The way this should work is as follows: You should store the book data we provide in arrays.
You can use multiple synchronized arrays or one array of objects. The user of your webpage
will type in a name and/or a title. You will search for this specific book (or books), using the
given name and/or title, in your array(s). Once you find a match, you should display its
information on the page. You may need to display information for several books if there are
several matches. Please see the Things to note paragraph later on to find out exactly what you
need to display.
Since we are only displaying text on the page, we can just use a textarea in which to display
the information. Here’s what the page might look like:
In this example, the user typed in “Isabel Allende” as the author’s name and “The House of
Spirits” as the book title. When the user clicked “Find book”, the short description for this
specific book was displayed in the textarea.
Things to note: You do not have to worry about case sensitivity. If you want to make the
search case insensitive, go for it but it is not required. If a book is not found, your page should
do something reasonable, i.e. either display “Book not found” in the textarea or display
nothing. If the user enters both a name and a title, you should display the description of the
first match, i.e. the first book found that satisfies the given criteria. If the user only enters an
author name, you can either display the title and description of the first match, i.e. the first
book that you found by that author, or you can display the titles and descriptions of all books
by that author. Similarly, if the user only enters a title, you can display the author and
description of the first match, i.e. the first book that you found with that title, or you can
display the authors and descriptions of all books with that title. All information must be
displayed in the textarea. Assume the user has to enter full names to get a match – so Isabel
will not get a match, but Isabel Allende will.
Once you get the array search working, try to see how you can improve the page using style
sheets. Several professional web pages actually use form elements to display text information
on pages, as we are doing in this problem. However, they also use CSS to hide the form
elements and to make their pages look better. We’d like you to experiment with different CSS
to see how you can change the form elements. Here’s our version of the web page with CSS:
We have changed the appearance of the text fields, buttons and textarea using several
different style attributes. Your page does not have to look like ours. Feel free to change things
any way you want to, as long as you experiment with CSS and form elements.
The Car photos (and the car prices) are from a Toyota Celica and were originally from I’ve eliminated car options and car colors to keep the assignment simple.
Book problem created by Marina Kassianidou, former CS193C TA. The short description of
each book in the books.txt file is taken from the books’ back cover.