Assignment 2 Task: WordCount and Spark UI


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Web Search and Sense-Making
Assignment 2

Task: WordCount and Spark UI
The word count problem is to count how often each word appears in a text document, or a
collection of text documents.
val file = sc.textFile (“./testFile”)
val counts = file.flatMap(line = line.split(“ “)).map(word=(word,1)).reduceByKey(_+_)
In this assignment, you will play with the word count problem and extend it.
1. In Piazza, we provide two files for you, one.txt and two.txt. Download them to your local
2. Write a WordCount.scala program to produce the following about the files.
• Print the total number of words in one.txt
• Print the total number of unique words in one.txt
• Get the word counts for both files. That is, each word and each word’s number of
occurrences, from both files. Save the word counts into an output file (which will actually
be a directory), with the name “wcOutput”
For instance, if the content of one.txt is ‘’I love Spark spark is cool’’ and the content of
two.txt is ‘’i am learning spark now’’, we expect to see the word counts are:
i 2
spark 3
love 1
is 1
learning 1
now 1
cool 1
am 1
3. Compile your program into a standalone package using “sbt package”.
4. Follow the lecture notes, set up your Spark master and worker node on your laptop. Show
that you could monitor your program using Spark UI.
COSC 589 – Web Search and Sense-Making
5. Print the content of the mapped RDD in the Lecture Notes in a nice format. In the lecture
notes, we have shown that printing the content of a flatMapped RDD is easy. The codes are :
val lines = sc.parallelize(List (“hello”, “how are
val words = lines.flatMap ( x = x.split(“ “))
words.foreach(println) // what do you get?
val mapwords = ( x = x.split(“ “))
mapwords.foreach(println) // what do you get?
Can you do it for a mapped RDD? Take a screen capture of your code and results
What to Submit:
– Your code
– Screen capture of the results
– Screen capture of the Spark UI of your jobs (see how to get Spark UI running in the lecture
– notes)
– The two output files located at wcOutput/part-00000 and wcOutput/part-00001
Where to submit:
– Canvas

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