Assignment 3 (CMPT 354): SQL Programming and Normalization

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Assignment 3 (CMPT 354): SQL Programming and Normalization


This assignment has two parts: Part 1 on SQL programming, and Part 2 on functional dependencies and
normalization. The detail of Part 2 will be added later. Since Part 1 involves the setup of DMBS servers
and running SQL, you should start working on this part as early as possible.
The note to TA: The deadline for finishing marking is Dec 4, 2023.
1 Part 1: SQL Programming (52 marks)
This assignment will use the following ”Department-Store Database”. The underlined fields are the attributes
of primary keys.
Department Store Database
Employee relation:
eid name salary dept
111 Jane 8000 Household
222 Anderson 8000 Toy
333 Morgan 10000 Cosmetics
444 Lewis 12000 Stationery
555 Nelson 6000 Toy
666 Hoffman 16000 Cosmetics
Sales relation:
dept item
Stationery pen
Cosmetics lipstick
Toy puzzle
Stationery ink
Household disk
Sports skates
Toy lipstick
Types relation:
item color
pen red
lipstick red
pen black
puzzle black
ink red
ink blue
DBMS Environments. All SQL statements in Part 1 will be run on a DBMS server. The choices of
DBMS servers are SQLite or MYSQL. Alternatively, you can also use the Microsoft SQL Server 2019 on
1 – the CSIL SQL Server. A SQL database on Microsoft SQL Server has been set up
for each of you (but you need to create the tables and enter data into the tables). To use Microsoft SQL
Server, You can log into CSIL computers that already have SQL Server Management Studio installed, and
access CSIL SQL Server by following the email instruction sent to you at the beginning of this semester from
There are a lot of online materials on setting up MySQL and SQLite on your computers. Here are a few
but you can find more online: (Installation on Windows OS Computers, by Matthew Mayo) (MySQL 8.0 Reference Manual)
For each task below, write the SQL statement for finding the answer requested by the task. For submission
purpose, you need to specify the DBMS environment used (i.e., MySQL, SQLite, Microsoft SQL Server) and
include the screenshot of the SQL statements and the answer returned by running the SQL statements.
Task 1 (5 marks): Create the above database schema using CREATE TABLE statements, including
primary key constraints, and the constraint that salary is integer in the range [5000, 20000]. You can assume
CHAR(20) type for all other attributes.
Task 2 (5 marks): Insert the above records into the tables using INSERT statements.
Task 3 (42 marks, 6 marks each): Compute the answers to the following queries using SELECT
statements. Your SQL statements should be correct for ALL instances of data, not just for the above
instance. For example, to find the departments that have a larger average salary than that of ”Stationery”
department, we do not accept the SQL that uses 12000 as the average salary of ”Stationery” department
because it only works for the above instance.
1. Compute the maximum salary for each department that sells at least two distinct items.
2. Compute the names of the employees who work in a department that sells some item in black color
3. For each department that has a larger average salary than that of ”Stationery” department, find its
average salary.
4. Find the number of the departments that have a smaller average salary than that of ”Stationery”
5. Which department pays every of its employees at least 7000?
6. Which departments sell all items sold by Cosmetics department
7. (1) Create the view Toy-Sta (eid, name, salary, dept) for the employees from the Toy and Stationery
departments; (2) query the content of the view and display the result; (3) insert a new record (777,
Peter, 10000, Toy) into the view; (4) query the content of the view and the content of Employee to
confirm that the record has been inserted, and display the results.
2 Part 2: FD and Normalization
To be added later.


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