Assignment 3 Task: Clean Wikipedia


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Web Search and Sense-Making
Assignment 3

Task: Clean Wikipedia
In this assignment, we will perform initial cleaning of the Wikipedia data.
100GB free disk space in your machine.
1. Write a PreProc.scala file to preprocess the file. Basically, we will extract all content in
<page…</page and output each per line into an output file. Please keep the two
beginning and closing tags <page and </page in your output file.
It Is not required, but you are welcome to use the following code template:
import scala.collection.mutable.StringBuilder
object PreProc {
def main(args: Array[String]) {
val inputfile = “your_wikidump_file”
val outputfile = new PrintWriter(new File(“your_output_file”))
var a_output_line = new StringBuilder
// write your code to extract content in every <page …. </page
// write each of that into one line in your output file
for (inputline <- Source.fromFile(inputfile).getLines) {
2. Please see sample input and output files on Piazza
3. Print the total number of pages in English Wikipedia to the screen
COSC 589 – Web Search and Sense-Making
What to Submit:
– Your code
– Screen capture of the page count results that you print to the screen
– Screen capture of the beginning of your output (by using ‘head -n20’ to show the first 20 lines)
What NOT to Submit:
– Your input or output files
Where to submit:
– Canvas

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