Assignment #4/5 The Game


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Assignment #4/5
Each team will submit a single file called, where
XXX is your team name, to cuLearn.
The assignment is out of 100 marks.
Assignment 4, Assignment 5 and the Project are essentially combined into a single assignment. You
will work with your Team ans submit a single solution to cuLearn and then demo your solution in
the last week of tutorials.
Throughout this assignment specification, N will denote the number of members in your team
for the project. This number will generally be 4 or 3.
i) During your tutorial in the week of November 13-17, your team will submit to one of the TAs
in the tutorial your team name and all team members (name and ID).
ii) On Monday, December 4, each team will have submitted a single zip file with your team’s
submission. The due date is 7:00PM on that day.
iii) During your tutorial in the week of December 4-8, your team will present (demo) your code.
It is assumed that each team member will make a meaningful contribution to the overall submission
(and demo). Each member should be contributing roughly the same amount of work. If it is deemed
that all members contributed about the same, each member of the team will receive the same grade
for the assignment and project.
If it is determined that some members did not contribute to the solution then their grade will
be individually determined.
Keep in mind that this is a group assignment and project. A student that does not contribute
to the group effort hurts the group. Equally as damaging is a student that dominates the project
and places unreasonable demands on the rest of the team members.
To help in assessing the group nature of the assignment/project, each team member will be
individually submitting a team report. Details of this will be posted later.
1: The Game
Here is a brief description of the game. A (human) player will enter the game world (that already
contains other players and things). The goal of the game is for the (human) player to retrieve
something from the game world and exit with it (it might be another player or a thing).
The game world will be read from a file that specifies each room in the world. Each room will
have a list of contents (things), players, and exits (doors to other rooms).
The details of the game are left to your team.

2: Details
Your game must have the following classes: World, Room, Player and Thing.
World: Your world class will need to read the game world from a file. It will need to keep track
of the entrance to the world so that the human player can enter it. Your world class should also be
able to save a game in progress. That is, save the state of the game so that it can be loaded later
and continued (from the same point in the game). Your world will need to hold your collection of
rooms in some way. (You can use either an array or a linked-structure.)
Room: A room is where everything happens. A room contains players, things and doors to other
rooms. A player should be able to take things from a room and leave things in a room. Doorways
between rooms can be simple doors (that can always be opened), be locked (requiring a key to
be found first) or one-way (you can go from room A to B, but not from B to A). A basic room
will have 1-4 adjacent rooms. You do not need to consider a room having more than one doorway
(adjacent room) in any given direction.
Player: Each players should have a specific role in the game. There will be several players in the
game including a human players and at least N more players. Each team member will contribute
a specific computer controlled player that have different behaviours.
For the human player, we will North, South, East, and West to denote directions. N, S, E and
W will be sufficient.
Thing: There will be several things in the game. Examples might food, treasure, radioactive
material, keys, locked boxes, etc. There needs to be at least N different things that have different
A good solution will have at least two abstract classes, several concrete classes and possibly an
interface or more.
3: File Format
The file format for the world will be as follows:
total number of rooms
room number
room name
rooms adjacent to room (comma separated)
players in room (comma separated)
things in the room (comma sepatated)
room number
room name
rooms adjacent to room (comma separated)
players in room (comma separated)
things in the room (comma sepatated)

For example, if there are 4 rooms in the world (2×2 grid) then the file might look like (# denotes
a comment and will not be part of the actual file; I have included it for clarity of the file)

4 # 4 rooms in total
1 # room 1
Entrance # room 1 is the Entrance
2, 3 # you can go to room 2 and 3 from room 1
0, 1, 0, 1 # there is one player1 and one player3 in the room
1, 1, 0, 0, 0 # there is one thing0 and thing1 in the room
2 # room 2
CS Lab # room 2 is the CS lab
1, 4 # you can go to room 1 and 4 from room 2
0, 0, 0, 0 # there are no players in the room
0, 1, 0, 0, 0 # there is one thing1 in the room
3 # room 3
Washroom # The washroom
1, 4 # you can go to room 1 and 4 from room 3
0, 0, 0, 0 # no player is in the washroom
0, 0, 0, 0, 1 # there is one thing4 in the room
4 # room 4
2, 3 # you can go to room 2 and 3 from room 4
1, 0, 0, 0 # there is one player1 in the room
0, 0, 1, 0, 1 # there is one thing2 and thing4 in the room
For the players and things, I assume you have 4 different player classes and call them for
simplicity player0, player1, player2, player3 in the comments above. In your program, you will use
your own classes. Same for the things. Here, thing2 is Rodney is found in room 4 of the game.
You can store the game using a 2d array or using a linked structure. Any file that we give you
will be given as above and you can assume that the world looks like a rectangle. The first room
(#1) is the top-left room. The rooms are then given (in order of room number) and will be given
as the rows. For example, the world of the file above corresponds to a world that looks like
1 2
3 4
You will need to determine the shape (number of rows and columns) based on which rooms
room # 1 is adjacent to.
4: Example
Here is an example that you can use for your assignment/project. [Note: no disrespect is intended
for any student of the University of Ottawa or any students in any discipline. If you find that it is
disrespectful, please contact me personally so that I am aware of this and not use the same example
in the future.]
Rodney the Raven has gone missing. It is suspected that he has been abducted by some
nefarious UO students and being held captive somewhere on the UO campus. Your (human player)
task is to explore the UO campus to find and bring Rodney back to Carleton.
Being a student, you are always hungry and on the look out for some food. If you go without
food for too long, you’ll fall asleep and fail your mission. You’ll also be on the lookout for power
outlets to charge your phone. Without your phone, you won’t be able to call for a ride back to
Carleton once you have rescued Rodney.
Along the way, you’ll encounter several UO students: a humanities student will give you poutine
to eat but then steal your money while your are eating it to give to charity; a physics student will

randomly walk around the hallways of school, slightly mad from playing with too much mercury,
and offer you some food (the food might be radioactive though and will continue to hurt you ¡remove
health¿ well after you have eaten it; but it might also be good); a business student will sell you a
hint to find Rodney; nefarious students who have been involved with Rodney’s abduction. These
students Will go and move Rodney once they see you (and know someone is looking for him) or
go an empty vending machines so that you cannot buy food; and computer science students that
will pay you money help them with their assignments. Any student might ask to use your phone in
exchange for food. Some will do this to drain your power (without giving you any food) and others
are honest.
In the rooms, you might find a power outlet to charge your phone, vending machines (that sell
food that might be good or bad), free food, or fidget spinners. If you take a fidget spinner, it will
occupy all your time so that you don’t eat and all your health will go away until you fall asleep.
5: More to come
A rubric for the assignment and project will be posted in the coming days. Be sure to ask questions
on the class forum when you are not certain of what to do.
Remember that this is a group effort. You will need to find a good way of collaborating and
sharing your code. Your team has a significant amount of freedom to choose what you want to do.
Be sure to meet (or talk) early and get started early.
I will post some specific things that you can add to your program if you looking for more ideas.
Individuals can do extra work to offset some lower grades for an earlier assignment.

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