Assignment 4 Cloud computing




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Assignment 4

This is a very short assignment, and it covers security concepts related to cloud computing.
Grading Scheme:
• Section A: 30%
• Section B: 70%
• Adding citation in IEEE/ACM Format only
• Missing Citation (-5%)

Academic Integrity:
• This assignment does not require group work. Therefore, each student is expected to
complete their work by themselves. Collaboration of any type amounts to a violation of the
academic integrity policy and will be reported to the AIO.
• Do not copy texts verbatim from online or printed materials
• Do not copy texts from other’s work
• Do not submit other’s work
• If you obtain help from Tutor(s), please acknowledge
• Provide citation for texts, images, tables, data etc.
• The Dalhousie Academic Integrity policy applies to all material submitted as part of this
course. Please understand the policy, which is available
Section A: Explore AWS Key Management Service (KMS), and create keys. Read the documentation,
and write a ½ page summary on your findings. In addition, you need to include screenshots of the
KMS with your newly generated keys. Furthermore, provide a brief typewritten explanation on the
possibility of including this service (KMS) as part of your group project.
[Expectations: A well written summary, which is not plagiarized, well linked, and contains
meaningful information with proper citation].
Section B: Visit and open IEEE database (You need to sign in with NetID and
password). Search the following paper.
D. Gonzales, J. M. Kaplan, E. Saltzman, Z. Winkelman and D. Woods, “Cloud-Trust—a Security
Assessment Model for Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) Clouds,” in IEEE Transactions on Cloud
Computing, vol. 5, no. 3, pp. 523-536, 1 July-Sept. 2017.
• Read the paper thoroughly and capture the essence of the paper. Document your findings
(maximum 2 pages).
• Your study must contain the central idea of the paper.
• You should not copy any text verbatim, or copy any images/tables from the paper.
• You may create your own block diagram to highlight a flow or an approach.
Submission Instruction:
• PDF file containing all answers, and images/ screenshots.
• Upload the .ZIP file on Brightspace.
• Submission Due: Apr 20, 2020 at 11:59 pm (midnight)