Assignment #4 EC2 Practice


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Assignment #4 EC2 Practice (10 points)

Goal: Developing/Deploying Cloud Services/Solutions on AWS EC2

Task: Use EC2 as a computing resource to provide cloud services/solutions.

Task 1: Run a program (e.g. factorial, sorting, … of your choice – note: not a trivial “hello, world” program) on EC2. Suggestion: the program should be written in your favorite language (if not available, install it) and typed up on EC2 using your favorite editor (if not available, install it).
Task 2: Create a webpage (using .html or node.js) on EC2. Edit your CPP Webpage to link with the webpage created on EC2. Open your CPP webpage to view. (See attachment for instructions.)
Task 3 (optional) Explore EC2 to find any interesting task you’d do on EC2, and try doing it!
Note to instance status:
(1) Keep the instance in “Running” status until your assignment has been graded.
(2) In “Stop” status when all done with the assignment – may get charged if keep instances running for a long time (however, the charge is very minimal and be covered by the Educate credit.
(3) In “Terminate” status, when you decide to wipe out everything with the instance.

To change the status of an instance, select the instance, click on Actions – Instance status – terminate or stop the instance (stop: you can restart the instance; terminate: cannot restart.)

Lab report:
Task 1: Describe the editor you used; Attach the program (screen shot – okay); Attach the program output (screen shot).
Task 2: Your CPP weblink as well as your EC2 weblink (which is linked from your CPP weblink, but do put your EC2 web address directly here.)
Task 3: a short writing of what you’ve explored as well as what you’ve done.

(1) Previous In-Class Activity on EC2.
(2) (link contributed by Fall 2019 CS4650-01 students – Appreciated.)

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