ASSIGNMENT 4 Identic Color Game


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BBM 103: Introduction to Programming Laboratory I
Identic Color Game
In this assignment, you will get familiar with file operations, lists, higher order functions,
exceptions, and design a relatively complex algorithm. You are expected to design a game
called IdenticColorGame. This game is played on a rectangular board, typically initially filled
with different colored balls as shown in Figure 1. By selecting a group of adjoining balls of the
same color, a player may remove them from the screen. Balls that are no longer supported
will fall down, and a column without any balls will be trimmed away by other columns always
sliding to the left side. The goal of the game is to remove as many balls from the playing
field as possible. How to play the game is explained in detail in the following sections.
Figure 1: Example board of IdenticColorGame
Your assignment is to develop a board game consisting of different colored balls. The board
consists of several rows and columns where balls are distributed randomly among the cells of
the board. In your assignment, you should read color of balls from an input file (input.txt),
so that your program will work on different board sizes. The structure of the input file is as
Every cell has four neighbors left, right, above and below. This game is a collect game where
of each turn you should collect two or more balls based on spatial relationship. That is, once
Programming Assignment 4 1
Fall 2021
BBM 103: Introduction to Programming Laboratory I
you pick a ball, all neighboring (including the cell you picked) that containing ball with the
same color will disappear from the board. Note that the selected cell must include at least
one neighboring ball with the same color. Figure 2 show that neighbor cells of selected cell
in a sample board with balls of the same color.
Figure 2: Neighbor cells of selected cell in a sample board configuration
If a cell disappears in a column, the rest of that column moves down to fill the row blank
cells, as shown Figure 3. Moreover, if a column disappears completely, all the cells which are
at the right side of that blank column should move left to fill the empty space as shown in
Figure 4.
Figure 3: View of board after the neighboring balls of same color are deleted
Deleting empty cell is the most important part of your implementation. While you are
designing your code, you have to be careful in finding the neighboring cells with the same
ball, removing the corresponding cells and filling the blanks.
Figure 4: View of the board after a column disappears completely
Programming Assignment 4 2
Fall 2021
BBM 103: Introduction to Programming Laboratory I
In addition to the colored balls there may be a bomb on the board. If the player picks this
bomb that shown by ”X” character, all the balls in the row and column (including the bomb)
where the bomb is located will be deleted regardless of their color as shown in Figure 5. While
doing this process, the rules shown in Figures 3 and 4 should be considered.
Figure 5: View of the board after the explosion of the bomb
Game Play
In the beginning, you have to pose an input file which denotes the initial configuration of
the board. Here, please note that file name should be given as an argument. After that, the
board should be printed to screen. Also the current score (which is 0 at the beginning) should
be printed to screen. The game begins by asking the user to select a cell the correspond row
and column (There must be a space between the entered row and column).
-If the chosen cell is out of bounds, you have to print an informative error message to the
screen (”Please enter valid size!”).
-If the chosen cell has no neighbor with the same color, no change in the board is expected.
In this case, the previous status of the board will be displayed on screen and the user will be
asked for new coordinates.
Otherwise, the new state of the board should be printed together with the updated score. If
there is no cell which has no neighbor with ball of the same color and also there is no bomb
(x) in a cell, it means that the game is over. Realizing the end of the game is a bit tricky so
you should be careful to implement this feature. As a result of deleting balls of the same
color, the view of the board changes. Therefore, please note that the coordinates
of a ball in the board also change accordingly as shown in Figure 6. An example
gameplay is shown in Figure 7.
Figure 6: Changing coordinates of the ball
Programming Assignment 4 3
Fall 2021
BBM 103: Introduction to Programming Laboratory I
Figure 7: View of screen when source code is running
The Scoring
There can be 9 different colored balls and 1 bomb on the board. The weight of each of these
different colored balls and the weight of the bomb are listed in the Table 1. Balls of each color
and the bomb contribute to the score as much as their weight. For example, if 3 red (R) balls
are removed from the board in one move, its contribution to the score will be 15 (number of
balls disappeared * color weight (3*5=15)). Another example, if the user picks the cell with
the bomb, they will contribute to the score equal to the total weight of the balls in that row
and column as shown end of Figure 7.
Programming Assignment 4 4
Fall 2021
BBM 103: Introduction to Programming Laboratory I
Table 1: List of weights of colors
Grading Policy
Task Point
Submit 1
Coding style 10
Coding standard 5
Output 84
Total 100
Important Notes
• Do not miss the submission deadline.
• Compile your code on before submitting your work to make sure
it compiles without any problems on our server.
• Save all your work until the assignment is graded.
• In the ”Coding style” of the grading policy section, it will be taken into account whether
unnecessary code fragments are used, the abstraction level is regular and your code is
• In the ”Coding standard” of the grading policy section, it will be taken into account
whether variable names or function names are used in the correct format.
• The assignment must be original, individual work. Duplicate or very similar assignments
are both going to be considered as cheating. You can ask your questions via Piazza and
you are supposed to be aware of everything discussed on Piazza. You cannot share
algorithms or source code. All work must be individual! Assignments will be checked
for similarity, and there will be serious consequences if plagiarism is detected.
• You have 3 days extensions for this assignment. 1-day late submission will be graded over
90 points. 2-day late submission will be graded over 80 points. 3-day late submission
will be graded over 70 points
• You may assume that the input files will be given as command-line arguments in the
following order: input.txt, so to execute your code on dev use the following command
in your terminal:
python3 input.txt
Programming Assignment 4 5
Fall 2021
BBM 103: Introduction to Programming Laboratory I
• You must submit your work with the file hierarchy as stated below:
– ⟨studentid⟩.zip
Programming Assignment 4 6


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