Assignment 5 COP 3514 Program Design



Assignment 5
COP 3514 Program Design

Assignment reminders:
1. The assignment must be submitted by the due date
2. The extra day for re-submission is ONLY if you have a minor error in your code and you
fix it, and even then I will decide if I accept the re-submission or not.
3. Make sure your code compiles on Circe
4. Make sure your code compiles on Circe
5. Make sure your code compiles on Circe
6. Write and debug the assignment one function at a time.
7. Feel free to ask for help, make sure you have debugging messages in your code before you
ask for my help and ask for help in a timely manner.
Warehouse 13 is a secret service warehouse where supernatural artifacts are being stored.
These artifacts are very dangerous and have to be stored and handled properly. Each
artifact can be activated and in order to prevent destruction it has to be neutralized. The
warehouse has a special design. Every time a new artifact is being stored in the warehouse,
the warehouse expands to make room for it. Each time an artifact is neutralized the
warehouse destroys the artifact and shrinks.
In this assignment you are to complete the functions that create, show, store, activate and
neutralize an artifact.
There are 2 structures defined in the header file: Vault and Artifact.
The Artifact structure has 4 parameters: id, active, hazardLevel and name. The name
parameter is a pointer to a character array.
The Vault parameter has 2 parameters: artifact and nextVault. The artifact parameter
inside the Vault structure is a pointer to an Artifact structure and the nextVault parameter
is a pointer to a Vault structure.
The warehouse is a pointer to a Vault structure initialized to NULL. Each time an artifact
is stored, memory is being allocated and it is stored in a Vault. For example, if warehouse
is initialized to NULL, after the fist artifact is stored it can be accessed as:
If a second artifact is stored it can be accessed as:
If a third artifact is stored it can be accessed as:
I have created a showWarehouse() function that can be used in the main.c file for
debugging purposes. If you store 4 artifacts (as in main.c) and call showWarehouse you
will see each Vault with the address of the variable and each artifact with the address and
parameters of the artifact variable (Image 1).
Image 1
Functions to be completed:
The createArtifact() function allocates memory and sets the parameters of variable of type
The storeArtifact() function allocates memory for a Vault in the warehouse and stores the
Artifact pointer inside the Vault.
The activate() function goes through each Vault inside of the warehouse and sets the active
parameter to 1 if the artifact id matches the _id provided as a function parameter.
The neutralize() function goes through each Vault inside of the warehouse and when it
finds the artifact with the same id as the one provided as function parameter it will free
the memory allocated for it and shrink the warehouse. For example: If the artifact to be
destroyed is in the second Vault then you have to set the nextVault pointer in the first
Vault to point to the third Vault and free the memory of the second Vault.
If the ware house has 4 artifacts, after neutralizing artifact with id=2 it will have only 3
artifacts (Image 2)
Image 2
The showArtifact() function prints the parameters of a variable of type Artifact (Image3):
Image 3
The format of the showArtifact() function can be similar to Image 3. This function should
be used for debugging purposes.
EXTRA CREDIT (10 points):
-The sort() function goes through the warehouse Vaults and sorts the artifacts based on
their hazardLevel. The artifacts with a high hazardLevel should be in the first Vault
(descending order)
You are provided with Warehouse13.c , Warehouse13.h , main.c and Makefile. Do not modify
Warehouse13.h . Use the main.c file to call and verify the functions in defined in Warehouse13.h .
I have provided an example layout of the main file that will give you some guidance on how to
call each function and how to check if it is correct or not.
Your code will be tested with 9 regular test case inputs (10 points each) and 2
special test case inputs (5 points each)
Submission should be done only through Blackboard. Submit only
Compiling and testing:
To compile your file make sure all of the files are in the same directory. Type
“make –always-make” in the terminal in the directory of the files. If there
are no compilation errors a main executable will be created.
To test your program run “./main” from the terminal in the directory of the
Test your functions one by one by calling them in the main function. Use the
showWarehouse function to see how the warehouse looks after storing an artifact.


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