ASSIGNMENT 6 Exclusive scan kernel


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In this assignment, you will implement an exclusive scan kernel using the Brent-Kung method.
1. Place the files provided with this assignment in a single directory. The files are:
 contains setup and sequential code
 where you will implement your code (you should only modify this file)
 common.h: for shared declarations across and
 timer.h: to assist with timing
 Makefile: used for compilation
2. Edit where TODO is indicated to implement the scan and add kernels. Please take
note of the following:
 You must implement the Brent-Kung exclusive scan. No credit will be given for
implementing Kogge-Stone, or inclusive Brent-Kung with shifted inputs.
 Your kernel is expected to work for any set of input dimensions so make sure to handle
boundary conditions correctly.
 Your code should be optimized by using shared memory and re-indexing threads to
minimize control divergence.
 You do not need to apply thread coarsening.
3. Compile your code by running: make
4. Test your code by running: ./scan
 If you are using the HPC cluster, do not forget to use the submission system. Do not run
on the head node!
 For testing on different input sizes, you can provide your own values for input size as
follows: ./scan <N>
Submit your modified file via Moodle by the due date. Do not submit any other files or
compressed folders.


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