Assignment 6: Test Driven Development


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Assignment 6: Test Driven Development
DES (LEC A1 Fa18)
Assignment 6: Test Driven Development
·Source code: TDD. · A working copy of your solution must be
submitted to eClass before this date.
This assignment will provide you with a comprehensive set of test cases; similar to those provided in
the assignment 4. This set of test cases outlines the beginning of a “Musical Jukebox” program. The
test cases provided in the assignment specify two classes Song and Playlist . The Playlist class is implementing a generic playlist to improve its applicability in order to handle
any types of elements. Your assignment is to implement the functionality defined by the test cases
provided. This assignment will utilize a number of Java concepts, including polymorphism, generics
and method overriding or redefining. The assignment contains 19 test cases, divided over two
classes — SongTest and PlaylistTest . The class AllTests is a test suite that contains the
previous two test classes. These test cases are to be used to drive the development of the two
classes Song and Playlist . Finally, you will be asked to create two new test cases that would
provide a basis for two new methods inside of the Playlist class that would sort the playlist by
artist, and by title.
It is important to note that you only need to implement the functionality needed to PASS the test
cases. Remember to try and “keep it simple”!
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