Assignment 7 Skills Lists



CSC 230 Elementary Data Structures and Algorithms
– Assignment 7

Assignment 7 Skills
1. Lists
2. Sorting
3. Searching
Assignment 7 Background
For this assignment you will use your List class from Assignmnet 6A.
Assignment 7 Requirements
1. Write the following methods in your ArrayList class.
(a) void SelectionSort();
(b) void InsertionSort();
(c) int BinarySearch(int desiredValue, int lBound, int rBound); BinarySearch should return the
index of the desiredValue, or -1 if the desiredValue is not in the list.
2. Write a main class called ListTest to test your sort and search method.
Assignment 7 Submission Submit on Blackboard:
Required Each submitted file should include your name and a statement that this is your own work. This
should appear as a comment at the beginning of any code file.


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