Assignment 7: Type Compatibility and Generics


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Assignment 7: Type Compatibility and Generics
DES (LEC A1 Fa18)
Assignment 7: Type Compatibility and Generics
·Source code: Generics. . A working copy of your solution must be
submitted to eClass before this date.
In this assignment, you should submit three Java files for Question 1 and, For Question 3 the “difficult question”, you should submit a folder that
contains all modified files.
These questions use a hierarchy of classes of simple geometric objects: ·
Test.javais a little test class that you can run to make sure the other classes are working.
1. Java Arrays and Type Compatibility Rules
Look at the skeleton for the main method Add some additional statements to
it so that the code compiles correctly, and when it is run, it raises
a java.lang.ArrayStoreException when adding a cone to geoshapes (Adding a circle should be
OK). Here is the exception you should get:
1 of 6 2018-12-22, 9:21 p.m.
Exception in thread “main” java.lang.ArrayStoreException: Cone
at ArrayExample.main(
Next, look at the code is exactly the same except for the class name).
Add statements to this code as needed, so that the code compiles correctly, and runs without error. If
you want, you can add some other statements to these main methods to get them printing
something, but you don’t need to.
2. Java Generics
Look at the skeleton code Add additional methods total_area , total_perimeter
and add_empties . Leave the main method untouched. You should get this output when you run the
Example with a list of shapes with a circle, a cone, and some empty shapes
Cone[radius=2.0, height=3.0]
Cone[radius=0.0, height=0.0]
Rectangle[width=0.0, height=0.0]
Total number of shapes: 6
Example with a list of rectangles
Rectangle[width=2.0, height=3.0]
Rectangle[width=5.0, height=5.0]
Total number of shapes: 2
total area of rectangles: 31.0
total perimeter of rectangles: 30.0
Example with a list of 2d shapes with a circle and a rectangle
Rectangle[width=10.0, height=10.0]
Total number of shapes: 2
total area of flat shapes: 112.56637061435917
Example list of spheres
2 of 6 2018-12-22, 9:21 p.m.
Total number of shapes: 3
3. Difficult Question
Turn in a separate copy of all your files in a new directory (You’ll need to touch many, perhaps all, of
the files for the difficult question, not Add a supersize method to each
of your geometric shape interfaces and classes that returns a new geometric shape, of the same
type as the receiver, that is twice as large in each dimension as the receiver. For example, super
sizing a cone with radius 10 and height 4 should return a new cone with radius 20 and height 8. The
obvious declaration for supersize in GeometricShape would be:
public GeometricShape supersize();
However, we want the type of supersize for Cone to say that it returns a Cone , but not
a GeometricShape . An immediate solution is to generalize the method:
public interface GeometricShape {
public <T T supersize();
Then the supersize method in Cone can be written as:
public Cone supersize() {
return new Cone(2.0 * radius, 2.0 * height);
However, it is not good, because we can even return a non- GeometricShape , which is not correct at
all! So a better way is to add a type parameter:
public interface GeometricShape {
public voiddescribe();
public <T extends GeometricShape T supersize();
In this condition, supersize can only return geometric shapes. But this is not comprehensive,
either. For example, it is possible that a Rectangle.supersize returns a circle.
Make the appropriate modifications to all the geometric shape classes and add a method supersize_list
3 of 6 2018-12-22, 9:21 p.m.
so that it takes an array list of some kind of geometric shapes (for example, rectangles) and returns
an array list of the same type, with the shapes super sized. The skeleton code
inArrayListExample.javaincludes some commented-out lines at the end that use
the supersize_list method. Uncomment them (but don’t otherwise change them). You should get
the following additional output:
super-sizing a list of rectangles
Rectangle[width=4.0, height=6.0]
Rectangle[width=10.0, height=10.0]
Total number of shapes: 2
super-sizing a list of spheres
Total number of shapes: 3
Hint: starts with generalizing the GeometricShape :
public interface GeometricShape<T extends GeometricShape<T {
public voiddescribe();
public T supersize();
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