Assignment #8 ECE449, Intelligent Systems Engineering 


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Assignment #8
ECE449, Intelligent Systems Engineering
Points: 10

in the assignment box in the ETLC atrium
Note: Show your work! Marks are allocated
for technique and not just the answer.
1. [4 points] Briefly compare neurons used in a) perceptron-type networks and b) RBF-type networks.
[Hint: concentrate on what they compare, how tot is calculated, and how neuron output is determined]
2. [6 points] Consider the modified Hebbian learning rule
i j
new wij
= w (1− α)+hx o
and assume the following values xi = oj = 1, learning rate  = 1, forgetting factor  = 0.1, and initial
w = 0
a) Compare standard ( = 0) and modified Hebbian learning by plotting weights over 30 subsequent
learning steps (i.e. plot
new wij
as a function of time) using the parameters provided.
b) Determine maximum value of weight w that can be obtained by modified Hebbian learning using the
parameters provided [Hint: in the limit case, the values of
new wij
old wij
would be identical].
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