Assignment 8 – File Systems

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COMP 3411: Operating Systems 1

Assignment 8 – File Systems (5%)
In this assignment, you will answer questions about a file system works.
This question asks that you consider the design of a file system.
1. List the 7 basic file attributes associated with a file in operating systems.
2. List the 8 basic file operations (activities you can perform on a file).
3. File type is used how by the operating system?
4. File type is used how by the application?
5. Explain how a sequential file is different from a direct access file?
6. Explain how direct access files allow for access to any item in the file?
7. List the basic operations required on a directory in file systems?
8. We have discussed three file allocation techniques for storing a file on disk,
namely contiguous allocation, linked allocation, and indexed allocation.
For each allocation method show how a file of 10 blocks would be allocated
on disk. Note that the disk is represented as 30 blocks with blocks 0, 5, 6, 15,
25 already allocated. Note you must show the entire data structure for each
allocation method as part of the answer.
Report Submission Details
You need to submit a report that consists of answers to the listed questions.
2 Assignment 8
TRU Open Learning
Assignment Marking Criteria Weighting
Q 1 /1
Q 2 /1
Q 3 /1
Q 4 /1
Q 5 /1
Q 6 /1
Q 7 /1
Q 8 /8
Total /15


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