Assignment #9 Classes


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Assignment #9
You will complete one program to give you experience with:
• Classes
• Private data
• Getters & Setters
• Constructors
• Access Operator
Task 1
See the demo video for this assignment. Use the provided code file to complete the task to match the
video. You must fill in the blanks ( __<Fill-In___ ), as well as add any other methods or data
that is needed. All blanks should be completed with a single line of code (or partial line). You should
not modify any other code that exists. Only remove the blanks and add other missing methods.
Use a radius of 100 for the head. The mouth is a thicker line. The face is centered at 0, 0.
0 pts: Software Development Lifecycle Plan not necessary this time
10 pts: main() blanks filled in properly with single lines/partial lines
10 pts: Face class blanks filled in with single lines
10 pts: Appropriate Face class methods added
10 pts: Initial face draws properly
10 pts: Face is modified properly
Task 2
Programming Exercise 7.3
Read the exercise in the book first, so these instructions make sense. Instead of writing the test
program as instructed in the book, write a program that obtains user input to use the Account class.
The program should ask for the starting values for id, balance, and interest rate. The program then
should present a menu where a user can access/modify their account. After each selection an
appropriate message should be displayed. The menu should then be displayed again (Unless ‘Exit’ is
Example Menu:
(1): Display ID
(2): Display Balance
(3): Display Annual Interest Rate
(4): Display Monthly Interest Rate
(5): Display Monthly Interest
(6): Withdraw Money
(7): Deposit Money
(8): Exit
Make sure to read the rubric to see the additional requirements. Note: you do not need to write the
program to test as described in the book. You will be writing a different program to use the class.
5 pts: Software Development Lifecycle Plan (see assn #5 for description)
5 pts: Accurate UML diagram
5 pts: Implementation meets all requirements listed in book
5 pts: Account class is in its own module file
5 pts: Follow proper coding conventions
5 pts: Input obtained properly from user
5 pts: Controlling input
You may assume all input received are proper numbers
You should not allow any negative numbers
Interest rate should not be greater than 10%
Loop and request input again if an invalid number is entered
10 pts: All calculations are accurate
5 pts: Menu loops properly until user enters ‘8’
You may assume that all input are valid integers
Print a message and loop back to menu if an invalid menu number is entered
Use the file to get started. Only replace the blanks and add missing methods. Do not modify
the existing code otherwise
Remember that you can find solutions to the even programming exercises online. Check Canvas for a
link. These are suggestions for you to do. They are not part of the assignment, and you do not have to
turn them in.
Exercises: 7.2, 7.4, 7.10
What/How To Turn In (READ THIS)
Submit your files on Canvas.

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