Assignment #9  ECE449, Intelligent Systems Engineering 


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Assignment #9
ECE449, Intelligent Systems Engineering

Points: 10

in the assignment box in the ETLC atrium
Note: Show your work! Marks are allocated
for technique and not just the answer.
1. [4 points] Compare the following pairs of concepts:
a) Individual and Population:
b) Chromosome and Gene:
c) Genotype and Phenotype:
d) Crossover and Mutation:
2. [6 points] Selection
Consider the following population of 10 individuals in GA:
[100001, 100011, 011100, 011000, 010000, 110010, 001010, 000101, 111101, 000010]
That encode value of single variable x using binary code. The fitness function
1/[1 ( 32) ]
f(x)= + x −
should be maximized. Further, assume that random number generator provided the following sequence of
[0.2319, 0.2393, 0.0498, 0.0784, 0.6408, 0.1909, 0.8439, 0.1739, 0.1708, 0.9943]
used to select 10 individual for the intermediate population (i.e. population of individuals to undergo
crossover and mutation). Determine the intermediate population using
a) fitness proportional selection, and
b) ranked selection;
Compare the two intermediate populations
Note: Prior to applying selection, sort the individuals in the population ascending according to their fitness.
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