Assignment No-1: Design a Frame in HTML




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Assignment No-1
Objective: Design a Frame in HTML where all information about college should be display as you are seeing in view(output). In footer please design a watch and display date. In college details please follow-

1)About the college
2) Vision and Mission & Quality policy
3) Accreditation.

Prerequisite:  Frame designing in HTML, Target setting of Page, CSS, and JavaSrcipt

Skilled Developed: Student shall be able to design the page with different view.


In this application a web page can be divided in different view such as rows and columns.
Each row can have the different information about the application and same with column also.

Expected Input:

Divide the page in rows and columns with information about the application.
Expected Output


1.    Web Technologies- A computer science perspective By Jeffery C. Jackson, Pearson
2.    Web Technologies-TCP/IP Architecture, and Java Programming By Achyut S. Godbole
3.    Web Technology-A Developer’s Perspective by N.P Gopalan,J.Akilandeswari,PHI Learning


1.    What is frameset tag in html
2.     How to set the target of page in html frame.
3.    What is date object in JavaScript.
4.    What is <div> tag in html.