Assignment No. 8 Assume four users user1




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Assignment No. 8

Objective: Assume four users user1, user2, user3 and user4 having the passwords pwd1, pwd2, pwd3 and pwd4 respectively. Write a servlet for doing the following. Create a Cookie and add these four-user id’s and passwords to this Cookie. 2. Read the user id and passwords entered in the Login form and authenticate with the values available in the cookies.

Prerequisite:  Knowledge of Cookie

Description: Implementation of Cookie using JSP life cycle. The cookie must be implemented as Persistent and Non-Persistent Cookie Designing.

Note: – Interested candidate can also make this program with PHP

Expected Output

Cookie Added

Display Cookie


1.    Web Technologies- A computer science perspective By Jeffery C. Jackson, Pearson
2.    Web Technologies-TCP/IP Architecture, and Java Programming By Achyut S. Godbole
3.    Web Technology-A Developer’s Perspective by N.P Gopalan,J.Akilandeswari,PHI Learning


1.    What is Cookie? What are the types of cookies?
2.     How to initialize and create the cookie in JSP?
3.    How to remove the cookie?
4.    How to initialize and create cookie in PHP?