Basics of Electrical Circuits HOMEWORK 3

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EHB211E Basics of Electrical Circuits
For the PSpice solutions, provide the schematic showing the voltage and current values and
the output file.
1) Calculate v0 in the op amp circuit of Figure 1 for given Rf values assuming all op amps
are ideal. Also, obtain and show v0 using PSpice program.
a) Rf=10kΩ b) Rf=∞ (Open Circuit)
Figure 1
2) Design a single op amp circuit with C =2µF to generate the given function below by
identifying other component values.
3) For the op amp circuit in Figure 2, obtain the differential equations for v0(t).
Figure 2
4) For the circuit in Figure 3 find v0(t) for t>0, determine the time necessary for the
capacitor voltage to decay to one-third of its value at t=0.
Figure 3
5) For the circuit in Figure 4, find:
Figure 4


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