BinarySearchTree SOLVED


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CSDS 233 – Introduction to Data Structures

Programming Project:
Create a class named BinarySearchTree with the following methods:
a) void insert(int key) – inserts a node in the binary search tree
b) void createTree(int[] values) – create a binary search tree from the passed
in the array ( overwrites any existing tree in class)
c) boolean search(int key) – search a node with a specific key in BST, return
true/false if the node with the key is in the tree
d) Node delete(int key) – deletes a node from BST, return Null if the key is not in
the tree
e) void inorderRec() – inorder traversal of BST (print node values)
f) void preorderRec() – preorder traversal of BST (print node values)
g) void postorderRec() – postorder traversal of BST (print node values)
h) Node kthSmallest(int k) – find the kth smallest element in BST
You need to develop this class as efficiently as possible. You are allowed to use helper classes
(e.g. Node). The Node Helper class should hold its children and key.
Create a main class where you give a demo of your BinarySearchTree. The Root node will be
stored in the BinarySearchTree class.

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