C Language Assignment 2

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CST8234- C Language
Assignment 2
Problem statment:
In this assignment, you will work on building almost a full linked list implementation. You
will implement a list that stores students struct, which hold some of the student’s
This assignment is intended to get you to practise using pointers, linked list, header files, and
user inputs.
Background Information:
This assignment is designed to help understand what linked lists are, how they work
internally, and how to use them. You will implement the common functionality of linked lists
and then use them to build a list of students.
Each student is represented only by their first and last name. Then, each student is linked to
the next student in a system.
To encapsulate the data, which is the student in this case, we will create a node struct that
will hold the student and a reference to the next student in the list.
The program will ask the user to enter each student information then proceed to build a
linked list based on the user entry.
Write a program that achieves the following requirements:
1. Implement all function defined in Node.h file in a separate ‘.c’ file. (You should find the
slides very helpful to complete the implementation).
2. The program should instruct the user on the actions they will perform while it is running
all the time. (In other word, make sure you have meaning full and readable printf
3. The program should have a structure that is called student, and type defined as
studnet_t, with the following information:
1. First name.
2. Last name.
4. The program should have a structure that is called Node, and type defined as node_t,
which has the following information:
1. A student pointer, with represent the value of the node.
2. A pointer to the next student in the list.
5. The program should have a pointer to a linked list called head, which is of type node_t.
6. The program should read the first 3 students from the user and add them to the list by
adding to the beginning of the list.
7. Then, the program will read another 3 students’ information but will add them to the end
of the list.
8. The program then will delete the first 3 elements in the list.
9. Then the program will delete the last 3 elements in the list, emptying the list effectively.
10. The program will read 3 new student information from the user and add them to the end
of the list.
11. Finally, the program will delete the second element in the list only, keeping the first and
last in the list.
Design Requirements:
1. You are given a header file, called ‘Node.h’ which contain the prototypes of the functions
you need to implement. DO NOT change any of the functions prototypes.
2. Add in the 2 structs definitions in the header file so that you can use them everywhere.
3. Create a new ‘.c’ file also called ‘Node’ to have the full implementation of the defined
functions in it.
4. In a separate file, declare the main function and only include the header file, not the .c.
5. Implement the functionality described in the requirements section.
6. YOU MUST build your code using all build flags mentioned in the slides as will as ‘-w’
switch. Failing to do so will make you loose 1 point on the assignment.
Sample Output:
Supporting files:
Along with this document, you will find a header file included in Brightspace. The file is
named node.h. These file contains prototypes for functions that you will implement.
Submission instructions:
1. No late submissions are accepted.
2. You MUST work in a group of maximum 2 students to complete this assignment.
Individual work is NOT accepted.
3. You must submit the source code for the program you wrote.
4. Add all your files under a folder call “lastName-firstName-Assign2”, then Zip the folder
and submit the zipped folder only.
5. Make sure to submit all files required to compile and run the program on the instructor
machine without any errors.
6. DON’T submit any extra file. For example, the binary file (AKA object or output) files like
.exe or .o.
7. Add a Readme.txt file that contain each student name and student number.
8. Brightspace is configured to keep the last submission only. Please make sure your last
submission in the one you want to get marked.
9. All submission must be done on the main Brightspace shell, 19F_CST8234_010_ALL or
19F_CST8234_020_ALL, not the lab section one.


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