CECS 451 Assignment 2

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CECS 451
Assignment 2
Total: 40 Points
1. (40 points) Implement a route finder program using A* algorithm with Jupyter Notebook.
i. Find map.txt and distances.txt.
ii. map.txt stores actual distances between connected cities.
iii. distances.txt stores straight-line distances between cities and Bucharest.
iv. The program should be able to take a departing city as an input.
v. The program should output a best route (based on A* algorithm) from the departing
city to Bucharest.
vi. An expected output.
From city: Arad
To city: Bucharest
Best route: Arad – Sibiu – RimnicuVilcea – Pitesti – Bucharest
Total distance: 418
vii. Submit a-star.ipynb file.

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