CECS 524 Assignment 2


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CECS 524
Assignment 2
Total: 20 Points
General Instruction
• Submit your work in the Dropbox folder via BeachBoard (Not email or in class).
1. (5 points) Set up a linux terminal environment in your work station. If you have it
already, you can use it instead of installing a virtual machine.
i. Install VirtualBox.
ii. Install Ubuntu Server 18.04 as a guest OS.
iii. If your workstation would support 32-bit guest OS only, you might install 16.04.
iv. Access the server by using SSH client (eg. Putty).
2. (15 points) Write programs with the command line text editor vim.
i. Install vim using sudo apt-get install vim.
ii. Write HelloWorld programs in Java, C++, Python by using vim.
iii. Compile (if needed) and execute them.
iv. Submit a screen shot as Figure 1. (No source codes required.)
v. javac; java HelloWorld
vi. g++ HelloWorld.cpp -o HelloWorld; ./HelloWorld
vii. python
Figure 1: Working example

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