CECS 551 Assignment 1


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CECS 551
Assignment 1
Total: 20 Points
General Instruction
ˆ Submit uncompressed file(s) in the Dropbox folder via BeachBoard (Not email).
ˆ Use Python 3, any other programming language is not acceptable.
ˆ You can import modules in the Python Standard Library (please check the full list
here). If you want to use any other library, please consult with the instructor.
1. (20 points) Implement regression algorithm and show the result using scikit-learn
and matplotlib library.
The checking point of the assignment; Python programming skill, Jupyter notebook,
scikit-learn, pandas, and matplotlib.
i. Find Assignment 1 linreg.ipynb and Assignment 1 logreg.ipynb.
ii. You will be asked to fill-in the blanks to generate the output. For example, in
Figure 1. “# Show the list of feature names for the dataset” is the question and
“list(raw.feature names)” is the answer for the question.
iii. Follow the instructions and fill the blanks in the Jupyter notebooks. Your answers
should show the similar results with the outputs in the instructions.
iv. You can use Assignment 1 linreg.html and Assignment 1 logreg.html to check
your outputs are same with the expected ones.
v. Submit your ipynb files.
Figure 1: An example of questions

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