CECS 551 Assignment 3

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CECS 551
Assignment 3
Total: 70 Points
General Instruction
ˆ Use Python 3, any other programming language is not acceptable.
ˆ You can import modules in the Python Standard Library (please check the full list
here). If you want to use any other library, please consult with the instructor.
ˆ Submit uncompressed file(s) in the Dropbox folder via BeachBoard (Not email).
1. Implement multi-layer neural network WITHOUT using external deep learning libraries such as Keras, Caffe, Theano, TensorFlow, PyTorch, …
(a) Find Assignment 3 scratch.ipynb.
(b) Consider a neural network as shown in Figure 1.
ˆ The width of the layer 1 is 2, and the width of the layer 2 is 1.
ˆ The activation functions of the layer 1 are the hyperbolic tangent.
ˆ The activation function of the layer 2 is the sigmoid.
ˆ The loss function is the mean squared error.
(c) (35 points) Write formulas of ∂L
∂W⃗ (1) ,
∂ ⃗w(2) ,
(1) , and ∂L
∂b(2) in the Jupyter notebook
file. Please don’t write down steps of the derivation, final formulas would be
sufficient. Please use LATEX equations in the Jupyter notebook.
(d) (35 points) Implement the model without using any deep learning libraries. You
need to optimize the parameters W⃗ (1), ⃗w(2)
, and b
(2) using the gradient descent
method. For example, b
(2) ← b
(2) − η
∂b(2) where η is a small positive number. Your
program should predict ˆy for a given input ⃗x and report the training losses and the
validation losses.
(e) Submit your ipynb file.
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Figure 1: network design

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