CMPEN 270 Final Lab Project 

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CMPEN 270 Final Lab Project

In this lab you will work on:
1. Finite State Machines
2. Mealy Machines
3. State Diagrams
Final Lab Project:
Congrats on making it to the final CMPEN 270 Lab Project! This is a two-week lab with separate parts due
each week. Part I the state diagram, will be due at the end of your lab section during the week of 12/1-
12/3. Part II the EDA Playground portion will be due at the end of your lab section during the week of
Game Boy Problem Description:
For the Final Lab Project, you will be creating a Game Boy game! You’ll be creating
this game as a Mealy Machine which you should know from lecture means that the
output depends on both state and input! You can use the same FSM set up that we
used in the previous lab and showed in the video example. The Game Boy program
will be slightly different since it is a Mealy Machine.
Your Player will come in contact with multiple different obstacles and will need to be able to perform the
following actions to safely make their way through the game!
They will need to be able to run to advance forward in the game, fight by kicking and punching to defeat
any enemies they come across, jump to get over tree stumps on the ground, and duck to avoid any bee
hives in the trees.
This is what your Game Boy looks like with 4 different buttons: Fight, React, A, B
CMPEN 270 Final Lab Project 2020
Your player will have 3 different modes:
1. Idle: In this mode your player is able to run using A or B or move to Fight mode or React mode by
clicking their respective buttons
2. Fight: In this mode your playeris able to kick using A or punch using B or move back into Idle mode
by clicking the Fight button again
3. React: In this mode your player is able to jump using A or duck using B or move back into Idle
mode by clicking the React button again
Notes: Your player cannot go from Fight mode to React mode and vice versa.
Part I – State Machine Diagram:
Due 12/1-12/3
In Part I you are required to create a state machine diagram that follows the problem statement above
and requirements below. This diagram is necessary to complete Part II.
Project Requirements:
Mealy Machine Diagram
• The output is your players action, so there are five possibilities: Kick (0), Punch (1), Jump (2), Duck
(3), Run (4) the corresponding numbers should be what your output is set to for each of the actions
but in your diagram, you may use the action names
• Your Game Boy has four different inputs: Fight (0), React (1), A(2), B(3) the corresponding numbers
are the actual values of your input but in your diagram, you may use the input names
• depending on the input and state you will either move to a new mode or stay in your current
mode and perform an action
• whenever you are in Idle mode or move to Idle mode your action should always be Run
• When transitioning from Idle mode to another mode we don’t care what your action is
• When Reset = 1 your player should be in Idle mode
Part I deliverables – Once you have completed the state machine diagram for this problem statement
make sure to upload a picture to canvas under the Final Lab Part I assignment and/or show to your TA to
get graded during lab.
Part II – Verilog:
Due 12/8-12/10
EDA Playground starter files:
Now that you have created a state machine diagram for the problem description you need to implement
it in EDA Playground using Verilog. If you did not do your state machine correctly your TA’s will be sharing
the correct diagram during this week’s lab in order for you to still be able to complete Part II correctly.
Project Requirements:
CMPEN 270 Final Lab Project 2020
• You will have a module that will be your top level module and act as your Mealy
• will have three inputs clock, x, and reset and one output z
• Your input x will be 2 bits and your output z will need to be 3 bits
• Your will need to output 0 for a Kick action, 1 for a Punch action, 2 for a Jump action, 3 for a
Duck action, and 4 for a Run action (it is recommended that you use the parameter assignment
for these to make your program easier to read)
• This module should follow the state diagram created in Part I, it should contain two always
blocks: one that determines the next state and another that determines the output
• z can be set to 3’bx if we don’t care about its value
• when reset is 1 the player should be in Idle mode
Input output format:
1. Once again, the testbench is completed for you, you do not need to change anything on it.
2. If you have completed the project successfully the following output
CMPEN 270 Final Lab Project 2020
If you see:
This means your player did not make it and your program failed.

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