CMPS 4143 Programming Assignment-4

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CMPS 4143
Programming Assignment-4
[To get the full credit of your programming assignment, find the problem solving steps and
documentation guidelines listed in ‘Programming Assignments’ section in D2L. You are
supposed to submit a zip file (don’t use winrar to zip) that should contain a documentation
file like a docx file and your codes with proper programming extensions like .java or .py.
Make sure all of your code is compliable or no runtime error. TA will not grade if your code
is not runnable and you will get a zero; Sometimes your grade determines based on how
good you can describe/explain the code to TA and Instructor]
1. (35 points) Write a Python program using file operation. You will open an input file
“students.dat” that will contain a list of student names, classification, and grade in the
class. (All student info is completely made up) You should read through the entire input
file. After reading in all information, do operations (No built-in functions like Average,
min, max, count, etc.), close the input file and write that following information with
labels to an output file “student_statistics.txt”
• Highest grade in the class
• Lowest grade in the class
• Class average grade (rounded to one decimal place)
• Number of freshmen students
• Number of sophomore students
• Number of junior students
• Number of senior students
Sample contents inside the input file “Students.dat”; each of the following refers to a
single line, i.e.; 6 lines in our input file:
Holly Berry freshman 88
Red Johnson sophomore 74
Jeff Bozo freshman 91
Pebble Johnston senior 82
Thomas BradyBunch freshman 63
Eddy Sheen junior 97
Sample content inside the output file “student_statistics.txt”:
Eddy Sheen
Highest grade: 97
Lowest grade: 63
Class average: 82.5
Freshmen: 3
Sophomores: 1
Juniors: 1
Seniors: 1
2. (35 points) Given an array of strings strs, group the anagrams together. You can return the
answer in any order.
An Anagram is a word or phrase formed by rearranging the letters of a different word or
phrase, typically using all the original letters exactly once.
Input type: A list with words;
Output type: A list of lists with grouping the anagrams together
Example 1:
Input: strs = [“eat”,”tea”,”tan”,”ate”,”nat”,”bat”]
Output: [[“bat”],[“nat”,”tan”],[“ate”,”eat”,”tea”]]
Example 2:
Input: strs = [“”]
Output: [[“”]]
Example 3:
Input: strs = [“a”]
Output: [[“a”]]
Note: You cannot use any built-in functions. You can have only string, tuples, dictionaries
to solve this problem. Follow the instructions that I have mentioned during the class.
3. (30 points) Write the OOP program in python using class. Assuming you have four
classes: Bank account which is the parent class and it has two child classes Saving
Account class and Checking account class. Customer is another class who has a bank
account; either saving or checking or both. Implement the scenario using python OOP
and make sure you have covered those OOP concepts on your code: inheritance(any),
polymorphism (runtime and compile time), abstraction and encapsulation.

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