CMPSC 201  Project 1

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Project 1
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For this project you are to create a program that will perform unit conversions for
temperature (degrees Celsius vs. degrees Fahrenheit), distance (centimeters vs. inches), weight
(kilograms vs. pounds), and volume (liters vs. quarts). The user should be able to select the
conversion to perform and enter the appropriate value to be converted. The program should be
menu driven and contain a switch of if-elseif structure to select the various options. The
program should also include simple ifs to check the validity of the entered data, e.g. the user
should not be able to enter a negative number for dimensions or temperatures below absolute.
Output should contain the original data and the newly converted data. The menu output
could look something like the following:
1. Degrees Fahrenheit to Celsius
2. Degrees Celsius to Fahrenheit
3. Inches to Centimeters
4. Centimeters to Inches
5. Pounds to Kilograms
6. Kilograms to Pounds
7. Quarts to Liters
8. Liters to Quarts.
In your own words write a definition of the problem along with the input, output, any necessary
constants, and processing needed to solve this problem as introductory comments for the
Create test data for all the options and test your program with your test data.
Do not use any concepts beyond Chapter 4 of your textbook. Attach your source code file
(*.cpp) to the appropriate drop box on ANGEL and take the time to confirm your
submission. Remember you will not receive any credit for files not attached or submissions
to incorrect drop box.


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