CMSC 462 – Introduction to Data Science Assignment 2


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CMSC 462 – Introduction to Data Science
Assignment 2
Total Points – 20
The assignment consists of two parts
Please write the R-code to answer all the questions asked in the attached R-file. You also have to
use the tipping file.
Please find the point estimate of mean for both x and y using a sample size 25 and 100 five
times. Please report the point estimate along with the range of the estimate for 95% confidence
interval in a table using the dataset myData.csv
Summarize your findings and discuss what you learnt.
What to submit?
You will submit everything through Blackboard:
1. For Part 1 – submit the R file with clear comments.
2. For Part-2, answer the questions in a document.
I learned how to use various R function. How to read from a file and filter/group certain types of

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