COMP 1405 A/B/C − Assignment 01 SOLVED

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COMP 1405 A/B/C − “Introduction to Computer Science I”
Specification for Assignment 01
For this assignment you will use some of what you have learned about
the Python 3 programming language and the pygame multimedia
library in order to reproduce a simple abstract image that has been
assigned specifically to you. Your assigned image will always consist
of two polygons, each of a different colour, set against a white
In order to complete this task, you will need to:
• find your assigned image on Brightspace1
• read about pygame’s “polygon” and “save” functions
2, 3
• use Pinta to determine the colours you will require
Your submission for this assignment:
• must be a source code file with filename4 ‘’
• must create a pygame window of dimensions 480 × 640
• must fill the window surface such that it has a background colour of white
• must precisely reproduce the two polygons in your assigned image
• must save the window surface using the filename ‘assigned_image_for_#########.png’5
1 The “Tasks for Assignment 1.pdf” document on Brightspace contains each student’s assigned image.
2 At the time of creating this document, the “polygon” function is detailed at
3 At the time of creating this document, the “save” function is detailed at
4 You must replace the number signs in the filename with your official nine-digit student identification number.
5 To clarify, your code, when executed, must create an image file in the same directory. Do not submit an image file.


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