Computer Architecture I Assignment-1 



CS 351 Computer Architecture I
Important: This is a group assignment. Each group can have exactly three members. Please
email me the team name and team members by Monday January 26th.
Design and Development of a Score Board Accessory for Ping Pong Game
Ping Pong (Table Tennis) improves your concentration power, reflex
action, hand eye coordination and many more. However, the most
frustrating part of playing ping pong is keeping the score and tracking
which player will start at which end. In this assignment, you are asked
to find a solution for this problem. You are going to design and
develop an Arduino-based accessory for the Ping Pong game.
The following figure shows the overall design of the accessory.
Here are the requirements of the accessory:
• The accessory shall display game scores and set points as in two separate rows using
LCD monitor.
• The accessory has four buttons: two for each corner of the table. One button for
advancing the set point by 1, and the other for decreasing it by 1.
• Player can increase his/her score by pressing the button in his/her corner.
• After two points the receiver shall become the server, and the server the receiver, and
so on after every two points until the end of the game or the score is 10-all. However, if
CS 351 Computer Architecture I
Assignment-1 01/19/2018
Dr. Fatma Cemile Serce Bellevue College Winter 2018
a score of 10-10 is reached in any set, then each server serves only one point and then
the server is switched.
• After each set, as the players switch side of the table, LCD monitor switches the scores
and points as well.
• The player who first score 11 points is the winner, however a game must be won by at
least a two-point margin.
• A match/game is played as 5 sets
Please do the experiments suggested in the following web site. There are plenty of examples
and experiments which will help you to build the accessory.
Each team needs to deliver the accessory, perform a presentation and demo. After the
presentation, each team member will be interviewed individually.


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