Construction of User Interfaces Homework 4




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COM S/SE 319 : Construction of User Interfaces

Homework 4
[Total Points: 30]
Assignment Due: Monday, November 15th, 2021, 11:59 PM
In this homework, you will do automated testing for an HTML form and an AngularJS
Task 1 [25 points]: Validating functions of the validation.html in the source code file. You
should provide 2 tests that automatically open a Chrome browser, one validates the use case
that users input correctly and one verifies the use case that users input incorrect. The scenario
of 2 use cases are shown in Figure 1 and Figure 2. In JUnit test, you should make the tests
Figure 1. User inputs correctly.
Figure 2. User inputs incorrectly.
– To perform the click button, use Selenium to interact with button with ID “btnValidate”.
– To check the status of input for users, you can use Selenium to check the value of
“labelNotifytxtFinalResult” variable. This label has value “OK” and “Error” with correct
and incorrect input.
Check list:
1. Test for validating correct input [10 pts].
2. Test for validating incorrect input [10 pts].
3. In the report, you should specify a brief description about how you make the tests
passed in your implementation [5 pts]

Please find the attached HW 6 zip files on Canvas.
Submit requirement [5 points]
Submit via Canvas a compressed file (.zip) [rename it with your LAST NAME] containing the
following folders and files:
● src: Attaching your project (which includes the source code) of your implementation.
● README file explaining how to compile and run your program
● Report (.docx or .pdf) file describing your solution approach and screenshots of every
required output for the task.