COP 4530 Homework 5



COP 4530 Homework 5
Exercises 9.4
For Exercises 1-11, assume that the following declarations have been made:
vector<int> number,
int num;
Assume also that, for exercises that involve input, the following values are entered:
99 33 44 88 22 11 55 66 77 -1
Describe the contents of the given vector after the statements are executed.
3. for (;;) {
cin >> num;
if (num < 0) break;
For Exercises 5-11, assume that the loop in Exercise 3 has been executed.
10. vector<int>::iterator iter = number.begin();
while (*iter > 25) {
11. for (vector<int>::iterator iter = number.begin();
iter != number.end();
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COP 4530 Homework 5
Exercises 11.1
2. Write an algorithm or code segment for searching a circular linked list for a given item.
3. Proceed as in Exercise 2, but assume that the list is ordered so that the elements are in ascending order.
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COP 4530 Homework 5
4. Write an algorithm or code segment for locating the nth successor of an item in a circular linked list (the nth
item that follows the given item in the list).
6. The shuffle-merge operation on two lists was defined in Exercise 9 of Section 6.4. Write an algorithm to shufflemerge two circular-linked lists. The items in the lists are to be copied to produce the new circular-linked lists;
the original lists are not to be destroyed.
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COP 4530 Homework 5
7. Proceed as in Exercise 6, but do not copy the items. Just change links in the two lists (thus destroying the
original lists) to produce the merged list.
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