COP2500C – Homework # 3




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COP2500C – Homework # 3

• Building an HTML Form
1. Create an Account in
1. To create an account in, please watch the following video:
2. Open the template in
1. Click on the link ,followed by that you will be prompted
with the Hotel Reservation-template shown below. (picture 1)
Picture 1
2. Fork it.
3. Read the instructions in the template and complete the HTML file:
1. There are 19 missing lines in HTML file that each of them represents a missing element in the
webpage. The description of the missing elements are available as comments (denoted by <!–
step –>) before the missing elements in the html file. Please don’t forget to see the expected
output (Picture 2), before adding the missing elements to the HTML code. It will help you to
have a clear picture about the output.
2. Visualize the changes after implementing each step.
3. Both CSS and JS are already prepared, please do not modify them.
4. Once you completed all the instructions mentioned in the template, you should be able to view
the webpage as below.

Picture 2
4. Submit the solution:
1. Once you completed everything asked in the instructions, save your code in Codepen using
Save button. (Picture 3)

Picture 3
2. Then Share the Link and Zip (export) the files created by Codepen. (Picture 4)
Picture 4
3. Submit both the link and the zip file in Webcourse. (Picture 5)
Picture 5