CS 4650/7650 : Homework 1 SOLVED




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CS 4650/7650 : Homework 1

1. This homework has two parts: questions 1–5 are theory questions, and Q6 is a
programming assignment with some parts requiring a written answer.
We will be using Gradescope to collect your assignments. Please read the following
instructions for submitting to Gradescope carefully!
(a) Each subproblem must be submitted on a separate page. When submitting to
Gradescope (under HW1 Writing), make sure to mark which page(s) correspond
to each problem or subproblem. For instance, Q2 has 3 subproblems, so the
solution to each must start on a new page. Similarly, Q3 and Q5 each have 3
subproblems, so the writeup for each subproblem should start on a new page.
(b) For the coding problem (Q6), please upload all codes under the HW1 Code
assignment on Gradescope. In addition, include the writeup for each of Q6’s
subproblems in your solution PDF.
(c) Note: This is a large class and Gradescope’s assignment segmentation features
are essential. Failure to follow these instructions may result in parts of your
assignment not being graded. We will not entertain regrading requests for
failure to follow instructions.
2. LATEX solutions are strongly encouraged (solution template available on the class
website), but scanned handwritten copies are also acceptable. Hard copies are not
3. Question 1 is meant for undergraduate students only while question 4 is meant for
graduate students only. Both these questions carry 5 points each. Each of the other
questions is mandatory for all students and carries 10 points. The coding problem
carries 50 points and a bonus. There is no extra credit for answering additional
questions than what is required.
4. We generally encourage collaboration with other students. You may discuss the
questions and potential directions for solving them with another student. However,
you need to write your own solutions and code separately, and not as a group activity.
Please list the students you collaborated with on the submission site.
Homework 1
Deadline: September 2, 3:29pm ET
CS 4650/7650
Natural Language Understanding
1. [CS 4650 Students Only]
Provide answers to the following operations or write “invalid” if not possible (all
answers can be placed in a single page): [5 points]
2 4
4 7 2

−1 3 6
5 0 3  2 1 3
−1 −2 1|
5 2
1 7

9 1
4 2 8|

4 1|
4 2 8|

4 1
2 of 9