CS 6314 – Assignment 3 – Top-Five Baby Names


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CS 6314 – Assignment 3 – Top-Five Baby Names
Every 10 years, the Social Security Administration provides data about the 1000 most popular boy and girl names for children born in the US for each gender at

Your task for this assignment is to display the baby names and their popularity rankings for a given year and gender. You will implement the project using AJAX technology, PHP and MySQL.
On your html page (babynames.html), you will have one division element for results, two drop-down lists (for year and gender) and one submit button. Initially, you will not show any results. Once clicked on the button, you will call Ajax function, which will ultimately make a request for babynames.php on the server.
In babynames.php, you will connect to the database and fetch the top-five popular names for the selected year and gender.* The default option for the year and gender is “All years” and “Both”, respectively.
The results will be passed to the client and will be used to dynamically change the contents of the division on the html page. Along with each baby name, you will also list the popularity ranking, gender and the year.
For database, you will use same database used in PW5.
Database name: SSA
BabyNames (name, year, ranking, gender)
You can use attached sql file to insert records into your table (if not already).
Important reminder: Make sure your database name, table name and attribute names match with given names. If your database connection parameters are different from the default (host: localhost, username: root, password: root), ensure to change them as default while submitting your work. Otherwise you will lose points for not complying with the standards of the assignment.
* In database, for any given year and gender, only top-five names are stored so you don’t need to limit results to top five.

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