CS234 Assignment 1



CS234 Assignment 1

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Note: For all programming questions, you must use Python 3.2.3 or higher.
Consider using the design recipe and Python style guide available from the course
Programming Component
1. An appointment book (for a single year) is used for booking appointments. Suppose
appointments can only be made at full or half clock between 8AM and 5PM every day.
When making appointments, we need to record date, time and purpose of the
appointment. Given the following list of operations, implement AppointmentBook ADT.
(Note: To simplify the implementation, we represent dates using an integer number
between 1 and 365; time using a float number, e.g. 8.0 for 8AM, 13.5 for 1:30PM.)
§ AppointmentBook(): creates an empty appointment book. (5 marks)
§ isAppointment(apptDate, apptTime): determines if an appointment exists for the
date and time specified. (5 marks)
§ makeAppointment(apptDate, apptTime, purpose): inserts the appointment for the
date, time and purpose specified as long as it does not conflict with an existing
appointment. Returns True if successful, False otherwise. (10 marks)
§ cancelAppointment(apptDate, apptTime): deletes the appointment for the date and
time specified. Returns True if successful, False otherwise. (10 marks)
§ checkAppointment(apptDate, apptTime): retrieves the purpose of the appointment
at the given date and time, if one exists. Otherwise, returns a Null string. (10 marks)
§ changeAppointment(oldDate, oldTime, newDate, newTime): change the date or time
for an appointment. Returns True if successful, False otherwise. Print information on
the screen such as: “You already have an appointment at … on … “ or “Your
appointment has been rescheduled to … on …” or “You do not have an appointment
at … on …”. (10 marks)
§ getAppointmentsByDate(date): retrieves all the appointments on the given date.
Returns a list of time and purpose. An empty list returns if no appointment on the
date. (10 marks
2. (10 marks) Write a function buildApptBook, which reads in a text file appointments.txt
and uses the AppintmentBook ADT. The file will include each appointment record in a
line. Eg.
Make 45 10.5 meeting
Cancel 80 14.5
Change 80 15 85 15
Make 120 12 discussion
3. (10 marks) Write a function busiestDate, using AppointmentBook ADT. It returns the
date(s) in the list, which includes the date(s) that has the largest number of
Writing Component
4. Suppose that we are given an array A of n > 0 integers such that each of them is in the
range 0, 1, …, k for some positive integer � ∈ �(�). We want to determine if there exist
an integer that appears more than once in A.
§ Design and analyze an algorithm that runs in O(n log n) worst-case time. (10
§ Design and analyze a better algorithm that runs in O(n) worst-case time. (10
For each algorithm, you may use an O(n) space in addition to input array A.


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