CSC 106  Assignment 1



CSC 106
Assignment 1

To complete this assignment, you should hand in 4 files:
 q1.pdf
 q2.pdf
 q3.pdf
 q4.png
Note that the first three questions should be handed in as a PDF file. Do not hand in
any other files such as Microsoft Word files (e.g. doc). Question 4 needs to be handed
in as a proper screenshot in .png format (i.e. not a picture taken with a smartphone).
Q1) Pseudocode and Flow Charts (2 marks)
Below is Figure 1.2 from the textbook, which describes an algorithm for adding two
positive numbers together. Convert this pseudocode into a flow chart.
The following three consecutive questions build on one another
Q2) Question 2: pseudocode [2 marks]
Envision an algorithm that when given any number n, prints out the sum of 1 to n.
E.g. given 6 the algorithm would print 21 (because 1 + 2 + 3 + 4 + 5 + 6 = 21)
Write pseudocode for this algorithm using iteration (looping).
Now modify the algorithm (and pseudocode) so it prints out the sum of even, and
uneven numbers as well as the total sum.
For example if n was 6 it would print:
Even numbers sum: 12
Uneven numbers sum: 9
Total sum: 21
Again, to get marks, the algorithm needs to work for any n given.
Q3) Question 3: Flowchart [2 marks]
Create a flow chart from your pseudocode answer to Question 2
Q4) Question 4: Python implementation [4 marks].
Now implement your solution to Question 3 in Python using the application
provided at
Once your application is running properly, please take a screenshot (not a picture
with your phone) and save it as q4.png
In order to get marks the picture needs to show your code, the output and the
unique url associated with your solution.


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